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[Drgn GOD] [NEXUS] Kahosarin the Ancient of the Twilight, Guardian of the Gates
Tattoo: a jade dragon
Sphere(s): Earth, War, Balance


Trinity of the Soul:
Everything in life can be traced back to the three dedications, which comprise that of the Trinity of the Soul. Each strongly tied with one and another as they flow like a river into the next, each just a corner stone of the others. Yet all are important should one wish to achieve a higher state of being within this life, to become an enlightened soul like those of the ancients. Fierce beings of the world who fear little within the world and are close to being unstoppable as they have balanced their soul.

The first dedication of the Trinity is that of Earth, as it is the starting point of life. The Earth birthed the races of the world, and from its clay were given life and strength to walk the lands. Yet to it the races shall return upon their death, to continue the circle of life and balance. The Earth as well strives itself to seek an Inner Balance as one only has to look at the lands around them. Glorious mountain ranges rise towards the heavens, created from the war of two forces pushing against each other. It is these mountains which grace the world with beauty, that has come about from hardship and war, a place of Balance within the World.

The second dedication of the Trinity is that of War, as it is the primal conflict of the world. The struggle with that of external problems as well as those of inner, one becomes stronger from each side. Each side tempering the other, holding them steady within the travels of their life, ever changing yet always balanced in their actions. One but has to look about them to see the war raging on, as the forces of the earth ever battle, rising mountains into the air, and creating chasms deep within the rock. It is a beauty within battle, a beauty within destruction, for everything is both destructive and life given when they achieve the pure balance. The last Trinity of the soul is that of the final step, that of Balance. It is the focal point for all the other forces of the soul, as everything and all wars lead to such. Everything is life often strives for this perfect harmony, a balance within the raging torrents of life, and few ever truly achieves its. Yet one must always seek a balance of their mind, spirit and body as it shall lead them to the path of enlightenment and their soul to perfection. Those who have found this path become a true weapon of this world, as no distractions shall hinder their mind, nor any pain fill their body as their soul is upon a higher plane of existence. They live in a world of death and destruction in their right hand, and at the same time beauty and peace in their left. Only with these shall one see the world for the place it truly is.

<center>Other Titles:
Kahosarin the the Dweller of the Jade Mists

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