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[D-Elf IMM] [EMPIRE] Khasotholas the Divine Voice of Order
Tattoo: a skull swarmed by hornets
Sphere(s): Order, Creation, Death


Few things are eternal in this world. Those who would follow Lord Khasotholas realize that the things we build, both in ourselves, and around us, are all that matter. A structured, orderly society will outlast any individual. But an individual's legacy can remain, if they aid in creating something greater than themselves.

Those who worship Lord Khasotholas have dedicated themselves to building a great society, one of order, and progress, to leave as their legacy in Thera. Those that stand in the way of their goal are to be destroyed, until all conform to their dream.

His followers believe that only perfect followers can create the perfect society, so they aspire to create perfection within themselves. Creating an orderly society that outlives them will be their form of immortality.

It is whispered that he has chosen a few of his followers to enforce his will in Thera, that these particular followers, above all, seek the death of any who would stand in the way of their Lord's will.

Lord Khasotholas holds sway over Order, Creation, and Death.

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