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[Human IMM] [TRIBUNAL] Lorhan the Bastion of Courage, Protector of the Scales
Tattoo: the mark of the blood-stained gauntlet
Sphere(s): Courage, Strength, Justice


Whispers are heard throughout the campgrounds of a battlefield, stories of a soldier annihilating his foes, equipped with little more than his hands and will. Words echo within the corridors of a castle, tales of a man standing fast against an invading army, his very heart a pillar of inspiration and strength for his comrades. A king's council is caught in discussion, talks of a knight knowing no fear as he braves the unknown depths of uncharted enemy territory. While rumor and tale may often come close, the exacted justice of such men and women shouts clear across the realm.

Undaunted in their paths, those marked of the blood-stained gauntlet see the world as a proving ground, both internally and externally, and are defiantly intent on success. They are generally varied in their goals, though all feel an intense need to change the world around them. Their views on what is right and wrong - though varied between individuals - are absolute, as they continue on against sometimes impossible odds. The endless test of life is their own and they seek to grip it without doubt. Those of the blood-stained gauntlet have chosen to forego the limits most place on their will, having an edge unmatched, while held in awe at their unshaken spirit. If there are those who feel resolute in their progress, they should seek out the templar who stands but steps away from the dangers of an enemy stronghold, awaiting a battle with an ancient foe.

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