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[Felar DEM] [ENTROPY] Mayesha the Overall Mystery of Grand Mistresses
Tattoo: the mark of the shifting aurorae
Sphere(s): Fate, Sloth, Vanity


Many in the lands strive to achieve something, whether it is power, wealth or fame, to rise into greatness. Some chase greater goals and causes, ready to sacrifice their lives to make the world "a better place". There are a few, though, who are enlightened and instead of always trying... simply are.

These ones, the Drifters, followers of Mayesha, understand the Ultimate Fate of the multiverse: everything will end sooner or later, their own existence included. They do not grieve their Fate, accepting it as what will be, despite any effort one might try to take to change it.

Many claim them to be lazy, selfish, irresponsible and decadent. This all is quite true. The Drifters focus their attention on themselves, their own comfort and pleasure, considering everything else secondary to this. They simply laze and drift around, passing time till it ends.

Those bearing the mark of the shifting aurorae detest the responsibilites most Cabals place on their members, and would never even consider them worth their time.

It is rumored that a hideout exists somewhere in the woods near the home of a short, peaceful people, where the Drifters and even some others occasionally go to and relax.

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