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[H-Elf GOD] [none] Mynawk the Lost Rogue
Tattoo: tattoo of a severed eye
Sphere(s): Anger, Greed


The Lost Rogues of Mynawk
The structures of society have been shattered and remade. What was thought to be eternal has been destroyed. Even the Gods can cease to be. The Lost Rogues hold nothing sacred save their own hunger for power and pleasure. If nothing is eternal, take advantage of the now. Society and its rules are fleeting at best, so the Rogue will use them or ignore them as suits their needs.

The vision of a future has been stolen from the realms. Anger at such a betrayal drives the Rogues to seek vengeance on the structures of society that have betrayed them. Some simply gather power and wealth while using the systems of civilization as it used them. Others actively seek to bring about the destruction of society and those who guard it.

The Lost Rogues are never burdened by the illusion of order or law. Their dark souls are born under the spheres of Greed or Anger. Mynawk has no physical place of worship, for such a structure would eventually be destroyed as all things are.

In addition to leading his Lost Rogues, Mynawk is the patron Lord of half-elves, rogues and all of society's outcasts.

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