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[Gnome IMP] [MASTER] Nepenthe the Paradigm of Order
Tattoo: a crown of stars
Sphere(s): Honesty, Dedication, Order


The chosen of Lord Nepenthe, sometimes called the Order of the Starcrowned, are united by several shared beliefs. They have come to realize that a state of order of some kind is desirable, even necessary. Furthermore, it is an unavoidable consequence of any working structure that some individuals hold positions of relative power and authority. The members of this group generally seek to work within the system in some fashion to achieve such a position of authority, though their reasons for this vary: some seek to rule tyrannically, others benevolently, and still others do neither or both, but all realize that it is necessary that someone hold dominion. They are extremely dedicated people, despising weakness of resolve and especially betrayal in others, even if such proves beneficial to them. While not always open or truthful, Starcrowned are known to never actually lie outright. Most members possess a strong moral code of some kind (though it need not parallel traditional morality and may in fact be quite twisted) and are true to it always. While not necessarily lawful, members of this group are almost never chaotic in nature. The Order is rumored to be served by a group of mysterious gray-cloaked beings, though this may be no more than myth. They are said to gather to worship in a place of order and calm amidst chaos.

<center>Other Titles:
Nepenthe the Paradoxical Paradigm
Nepenthe the Unwavering Paradigm

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