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[Fire CRE] [BATTLE] Nimbus the Devourer of the Five Magics
Tattoo: tattoo of the Iron-Bound Gauntlet
Sphere(s): War, Rage, Courage


War does not need a purpose; the war is it's own purpose. This state of perpetuity is born, in my eyes, out of a need to expel an inner Rage: a Rage that all possess but only a true disciple of War has the Courage to wield. Realizing these ideals is a pre-requisite for being bestowed with the tattoo of the Iron-Bound Gauntlet.

Encompassing the spheres of War, Rage and Courage; my religion rejects the widely believed conception of War as a path to Victory, Glory, or a test of physical skill and prowess. War does not necessarily equate to Combat, it is a way of life.

In the eyes of others, there is no need to prove your devotion to my ideals, only a need of personal fulfilment. To the chosen, rage dictates the relevance of any challenge, and courage dictates the irrelevance of its potential outcome. To the chosen, nothing looks daunting.

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