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[Human CRE] [TRIBUNAL] Niryaza the Mistress of Deception, Weaver of Intrigue
Tattoo: a delicate, scarlet-tinged web
Sphere(s): Deception, Pride, Judgement


From the center of the web, the spider oversees that web it has spun, strand by strand. No two webs ever the same, as each web must utilize the natural surroundings it finds in order to gain the advantage. The silver strands fade into nothingness allowing for the unsuspecting to be caught.

Men have always believed that they rule the world. Those of the Web know that women are the true power. They are the ones behind the scenes, setting into motion plans as if playing a game of chess. The pawn foolishly believing that victory is the goal while the strategist knows better. That in the end it is more important to have the advantage and be thinking about the next move, the next game and not get caught up in the momentary celebration of the present.

From the vantage point of the puppeteer, one can only look down upon those who are so easily manipulated by the strands that are so tightly woven about them. Luring the naive ones, like puppets responding to commands, as if caught in the web that binds them. In order to achieve their goals, those of the Web must discern the role that others may play in the plan. Only through accurate assessment of a person's worth can the advantage be gained.

Are you the spider or the fly? Flies need not apply.

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