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[Fire IMM] [Master] Guerric the Harbringer of Prophecy
Tattoo: the brand of the great white lion
Sphere(s): Pride, Courage, Fate


Those who bear the brand of the great white lion have a firm belief that the indisputable will of fate determines all things, both in the course of a mortal's life as well as the future of the world. Death and destruction are the inevitable ends of all things and people. Yet in spite of this certain knowledge of destruction, the bearers of the white lion strive with unrivaled focus toward whatever goal they have chosen, for they know that when their last breath is expelled all that lingers is their honor among men, the fruit of their efforts toward their cause. True courage is required to face life as it is, without self-delusion or hiding. Though the struggle to harden oneself against the reckless blows of fortune is harsh and neverending, it is essential to maintain a proud indifference to adversity as well as good fortune for the turnings of fate are capricious and what is gained may be just as easily lost. Like the rare beast who is their emblem, the followers of the great lion are set apart from others of their kind who flail in futile anger against whatever misfortune time brings them.

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