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[Svirf IMM] [ENTROPY] Grumorum Grumorum the Raging Seeker of Chaos, Warlock of the Ruby Sceptre, Magistrate of the Asgaardian Warders, Servant of the Innpire, Knight of the Five Magic Shadows, Elder High Chancellor of the Justice Brigade, Esquire
Tattoo: the everchanging cloud
Sphere(s): Truth, Honesty


Those who would follow the Everchanging cloud know that we are all subject to our own interpretations of the truth, and none is more valid than another. They know that the truth can be everything and nothing to different people at different times.

Any who truly believes in the principals of the Everchanging Cloud may seek out Grumorum, regardless of the relative light or darkness of one's path.

It is said that Grumorum can be sought at his favorite stump, though what or where that is remains a mystery to most.

<center>Other Titles:
Grumorum "Sluf" Gath, Svirfneblin of Uncertain Doom
Grumorum "Sluf" Gath, Warm and Loving Guy
Grumorum "Sluf" Gath, Causeless Causer of Lost Causes
Grumorum "Sluf" Gath, Beater of the Beatable
Grumorum "Sluf" Gath, Stumps and Bumps
Grumorum "Sluf" Gath, Stumped
Grumorum "Sluf" Gath, Warm and Caring Guy
Grumorum "Sluf" Gath, Creeping Decayer of Morality
Grumorum "Sluf" Gath, Knight of the Everlasting Filth
Grumorum "Sluf" Gath, Dirty Deviant of the Underdark

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