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[Dwarf IMM] [None] Gareth the Reborn, Heavenly Warlord
Tattoo: a lance of white flame
Sphere(s): Justice, War, Purity


Those who seek the favor of Gareth have dedicated their lives to the eternal War against injustice. Selfish action draws upon selfish action, leading to cruelty, oppression and evil. This shroud of injustice grows, feeding upon itself - which, if left unchecked, will blanket the land. Those who bear the Lance of White Flame are drawn to the Purifying War, called by their innate sense of Justice to dispel the shroud - at all costs. The call of Justice is eternal, and requires one to extend it beyond all conventions of society - those that step before the retribution of the Just must be struck down with the evil they protect. Seek the shrine of the Just where Justice is sought.

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