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[Elf IMP] [None] Galadriel the Lady of Galadrim
Tattoo: the golden leaf tattoo
Sphere(s): Truth, Wisdom, Revelation, Divination


The goddess Galadriel empowers priests in her spheres of Truth, Wisdom, and Revelation and Divination. Within these spheres, the goddess Galadriel may be petitioned by anyone to gain such information as may be relevant. Galadriel also takes followers from all spheres except those of the Lesser Virtues, the dark spheres under the Shadow, and the spheres of Chaos and Death. These followers turn away from the chaos and evil walking this land. A bearer of the leaf will try to avoid combat, seeking for a more peaceful resolution when possible. Her followers are few but strong in their will to make Thera a more peaceful land. The seat of Galadriel's power lies within the Temple of the Sun.

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