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[Human IMM] [DAWN] Eryndorial the Lord of Reason, Radiant Defender
Tattoo: laurel of twisting olive leaves
Sphere(s): Reason, Courage, Beauty


The disciples are the pure thinkers and scholars of Thera. Not content to conform to conventional ways of thinking, they strive to make their mark by developing new and inventive solutions to any dilemmas that they may encounter. Those marked with the laurel of twisting olive leaves are usually seen as either incredibly wise or completely eccentric, and the results of their studies often defy conventional thought.

A disciple prizes above all other things his ability to Though Lord Whiysdan doesn reason. His mind is constantly engaged with exploring unknown avenues of thought and deed. Those courageous enough to wear the laurel realize that theirs is one of the most difficult paths to follow, as it is completely unexplored.

Those bearing the laurel of twisting olive leaves have come to the realization that beauty can be found in all things over a great period of time. Blessed to see the promise in the world around them, these gifted scholars can make use of all they survey, should they be brave enough to do so. These individuals possess both a keen eye and a keen mind, making them among the most learned in the realms. It is rumored that I can be found amongst simple folk, near a place of great safety.

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