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[ Created at the begining of time by magic itself, Zebulus has neither been seen nor felt since. Rumored to have been watching and guiding from the plane of magic, Zebulus is said to have managed a connection between Thera and his home. Irritated and impatient, he has finally come forth to guide magic himself.

True followers and users of magic rely on it, not just as a tool or companion but as a way of life. They use and mold magic to do their will and know it is a tool to further ones life. Followers of Zebulus have learned and accepted this as their way of life. Magic isn't an ally or companion, but a tool to accomplish one's higher goals. Those branded with the Kiznah rune said to be the true understanders of magic and able to mold it at a whim to accomplish what they want.

Even the best cannot truly control magic without first, a complete understanding of themselves. Only through meticulous training and meditation can one come to truly control magic and one's self. Using ones physical form as a focal point, magic is best focused when under complete control, with full anatomical knowledge. Dangerous and even catastrophic if used without true understanding of how it works.

Those enlightened by magic and who use it normally will tend to find this path more critical than one that seldomly uses magic. One that has accepted magic and uses it through every day of their life will depend on magic and will learn this path quicker than another that uses magic just for strength whenever such may be needed.

Those who believe they can truly become true wielders of magic should seek out Zebulus' place of worship where magic is strongest and where festlethrum is no secret. ] [None] Zebulus Human IMM
Tattoo: a kiznah rune
Sphere(s): Magic


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