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[Felar IMP] [HERALD] Yanoreth the Silver Mother, Chronicler of Stories
Tattoo: A waxing silvery moon
Sphere(s): Time, Fate, Knowledge, Concealment


The moon looks down on all of Thera and reflects the passing of time, which brings change to all things. Those who seek the moon need but look into the sky, for She is always there, even if sometimes hiding behind clouds. Many different sorts have called upon the moon, and She has been called by many names: Patroness of Hunting, Concealer of Thieves, Guide of Seafarers, Beacon of Druids, and Chronicler of Stories, among others. Although some claim a special tie to the moon, the moon has not turned Her eye from any who call on her, although they have not always received what they sought.

For those who walk in the moon's graces, knowledge of the lands is secondary to knowledge of the stories inherent in the lives of those who walk the lands. A certain distracted air is common among the Silver Circle, focused as they are on the past or the future.

Those who seek to learn the mysteries of the Waxing and the Waning need only seek the Pool of Memory near a dark woods.

Description and items:

A fela with rippling, smoky fur stands here, her mouth open in a friendly smile, revealing sharp teeth. Her thick fur is black underneath with silver guardhairs, making her flash and shift colors any time she moves. Emerald green eyes gaze at you measuringly, and her large ears point at you, taking in your every word. Long, silvery whiskers fan out from a silver-streaked muzzle. A long mane of silvery hair falls down her throat and the silvery ruff on her cheeks makes her face wide, emphasizing her smile. She is tall for a fela, but as she is usually relaxing against something or sitting down, you have a hard time gauging her true height. A long, silver-tipped tail twitches behind her, lashing back and forth when she is angry. Her deep eyes seem to be filled with tales, which with her streaked muzzle makes her look ancient, but her movements are lithe and supple, like a cat on her second life.

Yanoreth is using: <worn on finger> (Glowing) a large moonstone ring <worn on body> a deerskin overdress embroidered with silver <worn on tail> a festive weave of ribbons <worn on head> a simple but elegant silver circlet <worn on legs> a flowing skirt that shimmers with light and darkness <worn about body> an enveloping, silvery cloak <wielded> the Rod of Eternity <held> an hourglass filled with silvery sand <tattooed> a waning silvery moon

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