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[Storm IMM] [MARAN] Vynmylak Makali, Seneschal of the Azure Fields
Tattoo: a Steel Clarion
Sphere(s): Honor, Rage, War


Sounders of the Steel Clarion
Honor - Integrity. Character. Principle. The men and women who embrace this higher calling hold themselves far and above the common populace. It is not enough to be righteous in deed or thought alone, it must permeate all aspects of one's life to fully live the ideal of honor. Deception, treachery and deceit are not only foreign to these individuals' way of life, but something not to be tolerated or allowed to exist. For when such behaviors are tolerated or condoned, it tears at the very fabric of which they are made, lessening the standard by which all can live.

War - There are causes for which one cannot stand aside. Righteous conflict is not something to be shunned, yet embraced with one's full heart, mind and body, knowing that every soldier has a place and purpose. The fields of battle are known to bring out the best and worst of everyone, measuring one's true self in armed conflict. Yet, the true student of conflict knows that wars are not fought upon the battlefield alone, but in the heart, soul and mind. To fully adopt the ways of war, one must learn to fight upon all fronts, using one's capabilities and resources wholly, striking strategically and tactically. Once realized, the true warrior learns to direct and lead on all fronts to conquer his foe. There is no room for mercy until the decisive blow has been struck.

Rage - Individuals of true character are uncompromising in their core beliefs. When transgressed upon, they are filled with righteous indignation, their wrath boiling and seething. They are not mindless nor unfocussed as observers may believe, just unyielding and indomitable. Individuals who realize the power of their inner rages accept this gift willingly, operating under the energies granted with holy vengeance. Welcoming this rage, they find their clarity and focus unwavering, providing the oneness in being that expands their capabilities to near-impossible heights. No goal is beyond the reach of the wrathful, for their drive and ardor will tolerate no less than success.

Sounders of the Steel Clarion are both blessed and constrained with the power of the ideals - Honor, War and Rage - and hold themselves within the bounds of all three principles of the faith. Aware of the tactics of war, the faithful will not dishonor themselves with deceit or treachery, although fully aware that those tactics may be used against them. Observant of the righteous rage, disciples of the Steel Clarion are not blind and mindless to their ravages, rather using that frenzy to fuel their ardor honorably in the righteousness of war. They stand uncompromisingly at the front of the battle lines, holding themselves and others to higher levels of behavior and conduct. Like the symbol of their faith, their stance for conviction is like the heralding trumpets of righteous war, their arrival at the battlefield an inspiration for allies and dread for foes.

Followers of the Steel Clarion must be good or neutral in their path as those of darker paths lack the virtue to truly embrace the full tenets of faith. Those seeking the presence of Vynmylak should look upon the peak of a southern land, and be prepared to take an unseen step of faith.

<center>Other Titles:
Vynmylak Makali, Seneschal of the Azure Fields </center>

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