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[Human IMM] [HERALD] Neltouda the Lady Tempest, Orchestrator of Sky and Sea
Tattoo: (Glowing) a moon-lit storm cloud
Sphere(s): Storms, Music, Greed

After centuries of traveling the sky and seas, Captain Neltouda has anchored her ship above the cliffs where the tempest consumes the sea. Packed with tall tales of her wild adventures and hoards of treasure, she has come down to the mortal world to sequester a new crew. Those who wish to become a member of the "Thundering Maiden" are driven by the rhythm of the storm, be it internal or external. The beating of thunder and claps of lightning consume their being, driving them to expel the raw force.

While all members will not be a Terror of the High Seas, they will all hold a sense of adventure and need for challenge within their hearts. For some followers, the thundering pulse drives them to ceaselessly move like a gale of wind. They explore the ins and outs of the world to share with others their tales of glory and near escapes, bringing with them a hoard of riches to prove their stories and sooth the rumbling storm.

Some followers pride themselves on releasing the storm with great works of art and boisterous compositions. They pour the intense emotions of the storm onto their desired canvas from rage, to swells of sorrow and unchallenged joy. Their delightful creations are often seen as abstract and bold, a viewable tall tale, like the unique path a tornado weaves or the unpredictable eruption of a volcano.

As the reverberating pulse of the storm calms, so do the members of the crew. In this calm followers of the Lady Tempest enjoy a time of relaxation and reflection upon her floating ship. They revel in their stolen riches, share their tales, sing bold songs, enjoy fine ale (or whatever can accomplish a state of inebriation the fastest) and general merriment.

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