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[Storm IMM] [SYLVAN] Uller the Lord of Storms
Tattoo: the forked lightening bolt tattoo
Sphere(s): Storms, Vivimancy


All creatures know the storm. Some watch the weather with fear and trepidation, dreading the violence inherent in the torrid winds, buckling earth and slashing rains. Others watch the storm with joyful anticipation - some seeing a moment of reflection in the peaceful calm before the storm; others finding the storm to be a life-giving force in its destructive fury; and still others dwelling on the regenerative aspect of the storm as it clears away the old to make room for the new. Those that love the storm fly wildly ahead of the tempest like leaves blown in the gales, forecasting doom for those who cower from the might of the storm. They ride the winds of chaos through the day and night, surfing the tidal waves as blizzards drops heavy wet snow into the desert. The followers of Uller plant the trees that yield before the hurricanes and wander the lands looking for new things dredged up by the storms. They who would wear the Forked Lightning Bolt work to make the wilderness more hospitable to those who fear it, and to make the cities less hospitable to all.

To find the shrine of Uller, look out over the ocean where you could see storms brewing from afar.

<center>Other Titles:</center>
<center>Uller the Calm Before the Storm</center>

Description and items:

A large storm giant stands here. Seaweed drapes from his white hair and beard. Clouds gather around his head and his black eyes seem to dance with sparks as though lightning was gathering to strike out from them. Snow flurries blow around his shoulders leaving trails of frost decorating the white skin of his arms in a intricate series of abstract patterns. Leaves of brown and yellow skip around his waist, blown by gentle gusts of wind. Water coats his white legs with multi-colored rainbows, although it is difficult to determine if the water seeps from his skin, or comes from the rain that seems to pelt his legs. His feet are bare, but bits of leaves, grass and mud seem to cake them. Odors abound around him, leaving the hint of the salty sea air to mix with the sweet smell of decay. The scent of new budded trees mingles with the aroma of freshly turned ground. All pleasant smells that bring to mind the endless cycles of the storm and the equally endless cycles of death and rebirth that mark all of Nature.

You are using: <worn on head> a crown of swirling winds <worn about body> a robe of living clouds <worn about waist> a loincloth made of raindrops <wielded> a dagger made of a lightning bolt <tattooed> a forked lightning bolt

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