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[Human IMM] [None] Trabryn the Guardian of Order
Tattoo: the Indigo triangle
Sphere(s): Honesty, Order, Dedication


The Mark of the Indigo Triangle
Always has there been a mysterious order referred to as the Perpetuim. No one knows from where they draw their power, who they are, or what their motives might be. After losing an Asgaardian Immortal, they have chosen another to give their powers to. Born a mortal to humble farmers, Lord Trabryn now holds power over the spheres Order, Dedication, and Honesty.

His followers understand that even before notions of good and evil came into being there was the eternal struggle of chaos versus order. Those of the Indigo Triangle are sworn to protect order and value the roles of dedication and honesty in their pursuit to leave behind more order than they found. This order can take many forms, but this is the common bond shared among those that worship Lord Trabryn. It is said his followers gather near where Perpetuim power has been felt before, somewhere in the desert.

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