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[Human IMM] [None] Tanadin the Thieving Jackal, Copper Glint of the Shadows
Tattoo: a copper banded jackal
Sphere(s): Greed, Concealment, Chaos


When in the course of mortal events, it becomes necessary for a special breed of man to step forward and claim the mantle of honor to fight for the good of the land for no more reward than the knowledge of a service well done... the Banded Brotherhood will be there to take advantage of them. Some have accused the brotherhood of secretly trying to impose a vow of poverty upon the rest of Thera, a claim that the brotherhood's members snicker at. While not a true brotherhood, as these rogues and scoundrels would rob, cheat, and possibly even kill each other if the opportunity presented itself and was deemed profitable enough, they are banded together in the common goals of furthering themselves and Tanadin by any means they deem necessary. <p> The Brotherhood is comprised of all walks of life such as rogues, scoundrels, bounty hunters, smugglers, and outlaws all willing to do what is needed...for a price. Even the darkness or light holds little sway over their views, for in the end each is driven by their own greed or need for wealth as one can truly never have too much when it comes to such things. Yet those of the Brotherhood know their own limits and often times prefer not to be seen since being caught would ultimately lead to being caught. " A fat rogue is a dead one." and "Valor is for a fool" are mantras of the Brotherhood. For there is money to be made and wealth to be had, it matters not to them if they belonged to someone else however it is hard to enjoy such when one's dead and cold. <p> Each member of the band believes that everything they steal and everyone they swindle adds to the power of Tanadin. Yet the true nature of Tanadin is something debated amongst many of the religious scholars. (Generally after they find themselves waylaid by one of the brotherhood) Some evils who are part of the brotherhood are believed to see each act of misfortune wrought upon another as a way to further Tanadin's power, where those of the Light are believed to think of Tanadin as nothing more than a mischievous prankster and seek to bring forth his reign through such acts. In many ways Tanadin is something of a mystery, and his followers must decide for themselves how he is best served while they are part of the Brotherhood. It should be noted that while Tanadin hold's sway over the sphere of greed, concealment and chaos it is thought that he sees chaos as a by product of his followers' actions, not as the driving force.

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