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[Human IMM] [NEXUS] Vahlen the Warlord of the Twilight, Harbinger of the Ancients
Tattoo: a pale jade dragon
Sphere(s): Earth, Balance, Dedication


There are few who are able to withstand the flames of war, or to endure the burden of the trials of life. Those few who rise up like pillars of stone to endure these trials, are a rare breed, as some may call them the perfect being. They only can be described as those who have found a balance within their life, and have become enlightened to the world around them. Those too who seek the Vanguard of Osarin must become as such, a being of balance tied to all things around them. To judge their own actions as they seek to become balanced in mind, spirit and body. A deadly combination for those who have the dedication to travel this path.

The path of balance of one's soul and physical body is a path traveled by few, for the toll it takes upon that person is extreme. It requires an iron will of dedication and should one hold any doubt to the path they seek, they shall fail in their goal of spiritual harmony. Those who have achieved this spiritual harmony in their life are fearsome as they are unrelenting in their dedication and often times shall die before they give into pain. For their mind has ascended to a level which none can comprehend.

While those of the Vanguard of Osarin are set upon a spiritual path, they as well are closely tied to the earth. For the earth is the symbol of the balance of all things around them, as life is created from it and returns to it upon death. Within the earth is embedded the forces which created the world ages ago, and it is these forces which bring balance to the earth. Just as the earth shall shift and move when an imbalance is brought against it, so too the Vanguard of Osarin as they shall do as they must.

Those who have dedicated their lives to such balance within their body, soul and spirit may seek their place out within the Vanguard of Osarin. While one can seek out perfect harmony within the world, those of the Vanguard are not limited to that of neutrality, for Balance is a concept which transcends such bounds.

Search for the shrine of the Vanguard where one can look out over a sea of dragons.

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