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[Arial CRE] [BATTLE] Vassagon the Crimson Blademaster
Tattoo: tattoo of the Crimson Eagle
Sphere(s): Victory, Combat, War


Those who bear the mark of the Crimson Eagle are followers of Vassagon, all sharing a common philosophy. Wars are fought to serve a purpose, a reason beyond barbaric slaughter. There is no surrender, there is no compromise, there are no excuses. One must master the ways of War, both mentally and physically, to achieve Victory. Only the most decisive and masterfull of skill in combat will survive. On the battlefield, one must maintain composure and precision; mindless rage leads only to defeat, and your downfall. This becomes vital commanding a legion of followers across the battlefield. The goal of both a single engagement and a war are like.. to be victorious. The goals may change and the means may vary, but victory must be achieved by any and all means necessary. Anything short of complete victory is to admit failure. We show no mercy.

Followers of the Crimson Eagle control their rage, battling with precision and striking with force. They vary in nature, from righteously good to pure evil, but they share a common bond.. the Crimson Eagle.

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