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[Race IMM] [unknown] Jasthrean the insert title here
Tattoo: unknown
Sphere(s): Anger, Creation

The signs of life are not found in cold dead stone, or trees killed and hewed into palisades; life is noisy, life is loud. It is a howl that echoes and reverberates, penetrating the depths of the day, into the night, and every soul. From the guttural howl of a monkey to the deep roar of the lion, the wilds are alive and vibrant with color and sound.

But some would bring on the long quiet; blocking the sound and in so doing, they strive for a truly quiet future filled with death and stillness.

Those who can hear the call of the Primeval Howl know this silence cannot be permitted. Each strives to create the true tomorrow, bringing about the true natural state of existence. While they may differ upon aspects of what they struggle towards, and how they see various aspects, they all know the true path of life; the wild and natural world. Such a world offers danger and shelter, risk and reward, but life is only true when it is free and within nature.

And for those who would threaten this path, who would shackle them by building walls and seeking their destruction, those who have heard the call know how to respond; with tooth and nail and all the tremendous sounds of fury. In such a moment, they willingly give all; letting their thick blood and broken bones provide fertile haven for life to grow upon.

Those seeking only the powers of elemental forces to empower their prayers may also seek out the Primeval.

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