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[Human IMM] [FORTRESS] Lian Lian Shian'ji the Silver Wraith, Warden of the Grimoire
Tattoo: unknown
Sphere(s): Knowledge, Magic, Victory

In a time of darkness when men's hopes dimmed, Lian Shian'ji, a Tara'bal, rose from among his brethren in the Azure Fields to take his place in the pantheon and revive the Order of the Golden Grimoire from the ashes of its betrayal as the Phoenix rises from the smoldering pyre of its defeat. Like all Tara�bal, Lian Shian'ji has lived many lives, each one dedicated to building on the prior by purging the shadowboth from within himself and from Thera. He is commonly known as the Silver Wraith, a recognition of his elusiveness in battle as well as his ethereal appearance, and he wades into battle wielding only his arcane prowess and a simple crane feather that he uses to direct the maneuvers of the Maran with simple, concise movements.

Under the leadership of Lian Shian'ji, the Order of the Golden Grimoire welcome Lightwalkers of all races and professions, and are reknown fortheir merciless eradication of dark sorcerors and their twisted artifacts of power. But beyond mere bloodshed, the Order share a common spirit enlightened by their deep and unbridled love for knowledge and all things arcane. They seek to educate and preserve the Light as much as purge the shadow,and take it upon themselves to act as living historians to ensure that no oneforgets the lessons of the past and the sacrifice of those that came beforethem. For this reason, they give their greetings and farewells with a simple refrain: "To preserve and to destroy." It is a reminder of the common interests that bind them, and the betrayals of their past.

Those of the Order must be born under the spheres of Knowledge, Magic, and Victory, and they must swear themselves to obey one rule: Never, under any circumstances, slay a Lightwalker. Death first.

They meet for now in a broken tower, the site of their first betrayal during the Third Age. There they gather strength until such time as they may build a new Silver Tower across the Aryth from which the Sun will never set.

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