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[Cloud IMM] [BATTLE] Fjarn title here
Tattoo: unknown
Sphere(s): Air, Honor, Fate

Whether content to follow one's destiny or determined to shape it, every mortal is driven by the interwoven forces of fate, honor, and time. To the enlightened, fate manifests in many ways: as a subtle, gentle guide, or as a maelstrom of insurmountable power; as a steady, predictable course, or as confusing and chaotic turbulence. Honor is as a sail in these winds of fate, guiding our paths when we must choose; for fate shifts its course to reward those actions that are honorable, and to rain ill upon the dishonorable. The unyielding march of time compels us ever forward, converging at last with fate in a sublime event that most have come to know as destiny.

-The Teachings of Moshrin, First of the Windgivers, Voice of Aerynth

With roots in a primitive and ancient wind-worshiping religion, Fjarn's followers apotheosize the wind as the holy embodiment of fate. Each gust, each breeze, each roaring whirlwind is a reminder of the coercive influence of fate on the mortal soul. They understand that the winds can shift at any moment, and are known for their ability to adapt to, or recover from, fate's many twists.

His followers adhere to an archaic tradition of honor dating back to the Second Age, accepting that the actions they choose to take are inexorably linked to their ultimate fate. While their individual causes and backgrounds are many and varied, they each believe that fate will reward the honorable and wreak havoc upon the dishonorable.

It is said that Fjarn's worshipers gather in an ancient village of giants, hidden amongst snowy grey peaks that are protected by the wind itself.

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