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[Duergar IMM] [EMPIRE] Enlilth the Voice of Tyranny, Merciful Lord
Tattoo: a majestic silver scepter
Sphere(s): Strength, Envy, Greed

Enlilth the Voice of Tyranny, Merciful Lord

Be they seen as tyrant, benevolent monarch, despot or balanced king, true great leaders share a similar truth. Great leaders all thirst, are all incapable of satiation. They want power, need control and have the strength to realize it. They leave a lasting impact beyond the transitory moments of the rebel or pack leader.

The laws of nature are simple; the strong survive, they gorge themselves until another supplants them. But sentience permits something more. Intellectual capacity, coupled with society and structure has properly put the beasts firmly below, permitting true greatness. Strength, greed and envy merged to create something far beyond simple pleasures; instead garnering the very world. Without the law, there is nothing. Whether they be tyrants, merchants, or thieves, each respects the law as a necessity for permanent, lasting effect. Many fools say the system must be torn down, or that greater rule can come if all societies are dismantled; but without a society, masses would degenerate into simple, useless tribes, not capable of creating more for the leader. Those who would truly embrace this path know there is no ceiling, only higher ranks and rules yet unmade, always reaching for more. Enlilth's followers are born under the signs of Envy, Greed, and Strength for these three characteristics are required of great men who would elevate themselves above the rest.

Those seeking the mark of the majestic scepter would do wise to search beyond the mountain's edge near a civilization of greedy minded individuals.

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