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[Human IMP] [NEXUS] Daevryn the Burning Desire, Lord of Ambition
Tattoo: a diamond in the rough
Sphere(s): Pride, Lust, Destruction, Earth

It is a commonly known fact that the proper measure of a man is not what he is born with, but rather, what he accomplishes. It is only natural that all should have a lust for the things they lack, be they power, material wealth, the respect of one's peers, or the pleasures of the flesh. What sets great men apart is having the vision, ambition, and ingenuity to strive against others and obtain the things they desire through hard work and clever action. Although they excel in many fields and desire different things, the common thread is that the goal is always to win -- and not only to win, but also to crush the competition. The rules of fair competition are the rules by which they live. Pride at being the best and lust for the prize of victory are the things that drive them. They win. To be second in any struggle is but to be first among the defeated, and there can be no pride in that. It is, therefore, necessary to destroy any rivals; fairly, perhaps, but without mercy.

The Lord Daevryn is the patron of the ambitious and competitive. The Lord of the Earth is as indomitable as the tallest mountain. He is as difficult to persuade to yield something of value without cost as the earth its hidden treasures. Daevryn is said to be a shrewd, constant man of fierce appetites and fiercer drive, with a deep disdain for charitable obligation or any accomplishment that is not properly earned. Where the Lady Rayihn is found, he often is as well, though accounts conflict on whether the two are rivals or allies.

Note: The Character is played by Nepenthe/Drokalanatym

Description and items:

Tall and powerfully built for one of his kind, this human man has a compelling presence. The tone of his skin is fair, but its texture is so worn and leathery that few would use that word to describe him. His large-boned frame is considerably muscled as only someone who engages in frequent and gruelling physical labor can be. His body is like a formidable, craggy tool hewn from a mountain, as if it had struggled and contested with earth and stone so very long that anything in it unlike them had been gradually worn away. The man's hair is cut short and neatly and is a dark brown in hue. No beard or even stubble adorns his smooth face; indeed, his grooming and appearance in general might be called clean cut, but everything about this man indicates a lack of hesitation to get his hands dirty. His eyes are a steely gray in color, and his gaze conveys a vague sense of both resolution and hunger.
Daevryn, a male human, is in perfect health.

Daevryn is using:
a titanium band set with a large diamond
a thick titanium chain
a supple black leather vest
a pair of supple black leather pants
a black belt with a diamond buckle
a vibrant tattoo of a purple lotus
a diamond in the rough

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