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[Human IMM] [FORTRESS] Corrlaan the Light of Mercy, Lord of Archons
Tattoo: (Glowing) angel's wings
Sphere(s): Mercy, Protection

Followers of Corrlaan believe there is no greater virtue, no greater measure of a man, than the act of self-sacrifice. Those who come before the Lord of Archons have given themselves to a greater cause. His followers face challenges both mental and physical with whatever means they deem necessary in valiant pursuit of their ideals. This ideal becomes an all-consuming journey and a devout follower will embody the spirit of this ideal in every aspect of their lives.

While on the journey, the vision of their ideal must be held true in their minds, for should they lack clarity any sacrifice is in danger of becoming meaningless. While dying for a cause is an example of self-sacrifice, it is not the only one. Followers do not revel in death, and do not throw their lives away needlessly. Death - their own or someone elses - without a cause is no better then murder. Followers of Corrlaan view the world with humility, believing themselves to be no better and no more worthy then anyone else, therefore all beings in Thera are worthy of mercy and respect. Those who devote their lives to the PROTECTION of a cause and MERCY for the fallen can seek out the Lord of the Archons through his emissaries perched on a cliff in a treacherous pass.

"There is no greater power than the power to give, and in giving all while asking for none, does one end up rich beyond all mortal means." - Dal'an, Disciple of Corrlaan, Month of Nature, 3866

"It is the things you do when no one is there to see that are the true measure of your worth." - Unknown Knight of Thera, Second Age

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