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[Svirf IMM] [HERALD] Whiysdan Thirteenfingers the Wisecracking Preservationist of Culture, Fortune's Smile
Tattoo: (Glowing) the number thirteen
Sphere(s): Wisdom, Courage, Passion

Value is a word that has varied meaning depending on whom you ask. Some will say that they place importance on trinkets such as gold and gems, while there are those that will tell you that the real worth of life is in the bonds and friendships you create with others, and even those that will ensure you that the true quality of being is in the knowledge one has gained throughout the years. Not one, but all of these are important in comprising one's own happiness and in shaping the culture of many. Knowing that their time in this world is limited, preserving the tales, jokes, and stories of their day is something of great importance to the Zealots of Thirteen. These treasured creations make sure that a culture survives well beyond the days of its members. These extremists are givers and pride themselves on being leavers, meaning they leave the world a better place after they have passed. With this limited time, they understand the importance of a sense of humor. These people are often seen as merry pranksters making light of even the most difficult of situations and know that life is about the smile.

Though often seen as quirky or different by most, those who pursue his favor have found the courage to not only embrace their strange, obsessive nature, but openly flaunt it. Not only is their own happiness key, but a priest of the Golden Wit is sharp enough to understand that the well-being of others is also important. The sad fact of the matter is there are those that would disagree and not only do they not believe that life should be lived with a relaxed, lackadaisical, and optimistic attitude, but they also seek to destroy without care or thought. Said to have little patience for those who threaten the happiness of others or smother their culture, his followers are often known to swiftly murder such disrespectful kind. His courageous patrons are said to be blessed with infinite luck in their many endeavors.

In their infinite wisdom, the enigma of the number thirteen is not lost upon them and zealots of Lord Whiysdan are radically obsessed with it. Though it manifests itself differently for each of his chosen, it is said to be an extremely lucky number and the superstitions that surround it are endless. There are rumors that a temple has been dug by 13 svirfnebli, using 13 sharp pickaxes, on the 13th day of the Month of the Dark Shades, all in 13 hours a mere 13 svirfnebli steps into Upper Cragstone to honor the Lucky Lord of the Svirfnebli.

Though Lord Whiysdan doesn't frown upon those that commit evil acts, there aren't many that possess the happy, relaxed view of life that he holds dear. That said, those of a wicked nature often have a hard time gaining his blessing.

It has also been said that Lord Whiysdan very much so welcomes being regaled with stories, legends, jokes, and the like - be the artisan seeking his blessing or not. He can often be wooed to listen with the offering of a frothy pint and a scrumptious snack and has been said to reward those that entertain him, should he deem it worthy of his time.

Description and items:

Fat and jolly, this man is roughly three and a half feet tall. The skin that covers his rotund frame is a very pale greenish color that makes him look rather odd. It is very clear by his large belly that he wants for nothing, especially food or drink. The wonderful smells radiating off of his being suggest that he spends quite a lot of time in the taverns of Thera. His ever- present smile suggests both wisdom and satisfaction. A ring of thin, salt and pepper colored hair skirts his head, only bringing more attention to his extremely large bald spot. Thick, bushy eyebrows, of the same color, grow over the top of his wide, oversized blue eyes. His facial features are all bulbous and fat, like the rest of his body. He is gaudily covered in gold and jewels, so much so that it looks cumbersome, yet he seems to have no problem with the extra weight.

Strangely, he has six fingers on his right hand and seven fingers on his left.
Whiysdan is using:
=worn on finger= (Glowing) a gaudy golden ring inlaid with thirteen rubies
=worn around neck= an aluminium triskaidecagon etched with black runes
=worn on body= the woven spores of the myconid king
=worn on head= the silver crown of eternal luck
=worn on legs= leggings of polished cavefisher scales
=worn on arms= armguards of polished cavefisher scales
=mainhand wielded= (Glowing) (Humming) a golden, axe-backed hammer
=worn as shield= a stout buckler of pitted granite
=tattooed= (Glowing) the number thirteen

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