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[Elf IMP] [NEXUS] Twist the God of Magic
Tattoo: tattoo of the Dragon's Tooth
Sphere(s): Magic, Honesty

The Lord of all Magic, Twist, has been witness to the treachery of the Dark Lord of Deception not once, but twice. In helping to usher in the Fifth Age of Thera, Twist came to understand the importance of Balance, having heretofore paid only lip service to its principles.

He also has come to regard Honesty to be extremely valuable, likely as a backlash against the deceptive ways of his ancient enemy, Jullias. So much so, in fact, that those who seek his divine touch of empowerment within the sphere Honesty may find themselves blessed with it.

It should be noted, however, that Twist will always see himself as a god of, and for, magi. While priests of Honesty will be more welcome, they will never be as highly regarded as magi. Honesty, after all, is but a tool to destroy those who use Deception. Furthermore, priests of Magic are unlikely to be met with anything but contempt.

Those who seek to change Thera from its current mold are unlikely to gain the favor of the God of Magic, for he has helped to create this world, and for the most part likes it as-is. For certain anyone wishing to bring forth some permanent denizens from otherworldly planes will be rejected from his presence, as will (obviously) those who seek to destroy Magic.

It is said that those who seek the Lord of Magic may pray for Twist from any suitable location. Whether the location is suitable or not is likely to be dependant on the current temperament of this rather vain Immortal.

Old helpfile:
The followers of Twist have one belief, Magic. Magic is the salvation of the world and Twist's followers revel in its existence. Twist's followers, needless to say, are not good friends of BattleRagers?, Haters of Magic. Those who are true believers know that their Magic makes them powerful beyond the normal might of regular hand to hand combat. They are crafty and wise, knowing when to fight and when to allow their Magic to carry them from harm. Twist's followers need not be good, nor evil, they must only have a love of Magic. They are not necessarily power-hungry, nor must they be peaceful, but Magic is their friend and guides their every action.

<center>Other Titles:
Twist the Mystical Overmind
Twist, Supreme Lord of all things Magical, Overlord of the Realm of Mana, Supreme Being of Thera, The Man, Head Spell Guy, Leader of the Great Ghost Dance, YOU DARE?!!?!!?!!?!??!!?!, Eat a Pill.

Description and Equipment:

When you try to look at the figure before you, you are forced to squint and hold your hand in front of your face. The experience is similar to attempting to look through a keyhole at the sun as it sets, but so rapidly that it rises again before you can blink, and sets again, and so on. Through the flickering you occasionally discern details that make the figure appear vaguely human.

During one of the more calm spells, you quickly take in the general appearance of the figure. Most definitely male, he seems to be of an average height for a human male. His face is clean-shaven, and his attire is clean but unimpressive. reminding you of a tax collector or some sort of banker.

Dark-rimmed spectacles frame a thin but healthy face, and short brown hair matches the color of his eyes.

In all, you'd be ready to discount this being as insignificant. Until you notice a palpable feeling of Magic in the air around you.

The light flashes again and you are once more unable to discern details. Curiously, you do see what appears to be a canine figure by the human's side.
Twist, a male human, is in perfect health.

Twist is using:
the tattoo of the Dragon's Tooth

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