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[Elf IMM] [WARLOCK] Savraeth Silmadrissai the Lady of Fire, Twin Goddess of the Mysteries
Tattoo: a fiery red third eye in the center of the forehead
Sphere(s): Fire, Magic, Vivimancy


The Path to Enlightenment is not an easy one. All about us are forces which seek to pull us this way or that, many which would deceive us as to the truths of the mysteries of the world, existence, and many more. Thus it was that the twin Goddesses known as Savraeth and Ilraeth each set forth a potential path to guide the seeker to enlightenment. These are known as the Teachings of the Mysteries. This is the path of Savraeth, whose followers fall under the spheres of Fire, Magic, and Vivimancy.

The Acceptance of Fire, the Bringer of the Flame...
Fire is the life-spark, that which warms in the midst of cold, that which brings light in the darkness, banishing it into the shadows, the thing which first set mortals above the mere animals. It represents life-energy itself, both the beginnings of new life in addition to the very wellspring from which the life-force that nurtures all things originates, a gift to all living creatures. In remembrance of this gift, we revere the Flame itself, that which it brings to us, as well as the sustaining power of life it holds. We must also keep in mind and give respect to the harm it inflicts upon our foes. This bringing of life and banishing of darkness is but the first step upon the Path to Enlightenment. In taking it, we lead to..

The Ascension of Sorcery, Magic Transcendant...
As Fire is the first gift of the Gods, this truth teaches us that Magic is the greatest of these gifts. Still further is it that as Fire was the first step of the progress of mortaldom, that magic is the ideal vehicle for the continuance of that progress. By seeking out magic in all its forms, we may better our lives, and control the world around us, protecting ourselves from the whims of nature, and instead mastering it, and reforming the world around us to shelter and protect us. It is this seeking of magic and magic's ways which leads into the Final Truth..

The Embrace of Enchantment, the Approach of the Infinite...
Magic is the very stuff of divinity itself. The Gods are the ultimate expressions of pure magic, able to make use of powers unimaginable to mortaldom, to turn their very will into reality by a simple thought. By embracing magic itself, taking every effort to place any and all effects upon oneself whenever possible, it is possible for a mere mortal to become closer to the divinity that the Gods represent. It is this, combined with the other truths that lead to it, that allows one to achieve true enlightenment, and bask in the ecstasy that is the divine magic, enveloped in the pure light of the magic itself, guiding our way through the darkness as it illumines the path before us.

Description and items:
Standing here tall and proud is a young looking elven woman. Locks of lustrous copper-red hair cascade down to just past her shoulders, framing a delicate face set with high cheekbones. The color of her hair matches well with her flawless bronzed complexion. Her eyes are marked by a pair of vivid greenish-red irises, almost iridescent in nature, and the intensity of her gaze seems to blaze with an inner fire. Her smile is coy, and seems to hint at the secrets and mysteries to which she is privy. Her clothing is well-tailored and of current fashion, although it is lacking in any sort of recognizeable markings or symbols. What truely stands out about this woman, though, is the aura that surrounds her almost invisibly, causing the very air just above her skin to vibrate and shimmer, as if with an unseen magical power that betrays her true supernatural self.
Savraeth is using: <worn around neck> a riding cloak of fiery red silk, with a dark yellow hood <worn on body> a dark red evening gown slashed with yellow <worn on head> a deep red tiara set with blazing fire opals <worn around wrist> a red steel bracer decorated with swirling gold engravings <tattooed> a fiery red third eye in the center of the forehead

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