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[H-Elf IMM] [ACOLYTE] Selric Sollis the Patriarch of Peace
Tattoo: the mark of the open hand
Sphere(s): Healing, Peace, Protection


Those who bear the mark of the open hand have dedicated themselves to the gentler arts of healing, and peace. The followers of Selric believe that the only true enemy to Thera is disease, and will stop at nothing to end a plague. Though peace loving, and generally non aggressive in nature...followers of Selric are not foolish enough to think that all of Thera believes as they do, and will defend themselves if attacked.

Followers of Selric are generally humble, and willing to help those who need aid. Abusing their gentle natures is not recommended, as it is rumored that dreadful things happen to those who persecute and mock the gentle natures of Selric's followers.

Any who do not walk in the darkness that are willing to spread the words of the 'Kara Chal' (the holy text of the Open Hand) should seek to find the island shrine of Selric. Priests of the Kara Chal, draw from the spheres of Healing, Peace, and Protection.

<center>Other Titles:
Selric Sollis, the Life Bringer
Selric Sollis the Hand of Light

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