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[W-Elf DEM] [SYLVAN] Saldradien the Keeper of the Nine Winds, Lord of Storms
Tattoo: A cyclone with interlocking tails
Sphere(s): Air, Storms, Vivimancy


The cold tempest blows across a desolate plain bringing snow and ice to the chilly reaches of the north. The dry winds of the desert kick up destructive cyclones of dirt and debris, reshaping the shaggy visage of the desert sands. The calm breezes of spring carry the seeds of new life to scatter about the plains and the forests. The followers of Saldradien embrace the Storm in all it's contexts, and know the Storm is heralded by the winds that proceed it. The winds have shaped the world for endless eons. They bring the Storm that destroys, they bring life to the weary, yet so too do they scatter those who seek to impede the winds, and the coming Storm. Some seek to blow softly nurturing and planting as they go, while others seek the Fury destroying any that stand against the winds. The followers of Saldradien are often found to protect nature and it's children, though it is not uncommon for some to seek to reshape the world with their own wind. Canyons were formed from a trickle of water, and even the calmest of breezes can herald the mightiest of Storms. Seek the Lord Saldradien where the mountain meets the sea, and a great vortex of wind is visible, driving the Storm beneath it.

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