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[Felar IMM] [TROUPE] Poetry Guardian of History, Lady of the Twelve Winds
Tattoo: the Poet's Quill
Sphere(s): Knowledge, Poetry, Music, Air


The Bearers of the Quill have a strong appreciation for history and knowledge but are not pure scholars and can often be found in an Inn or bar laughing, singing, and sharing their tales. A pen is never far from the hands of any Quill Bearer, and the ink on their fingers leads some to informally call them the Black Fingers. While the Quill Bearers do use libraries to research history, when it comes to current events and distant lands, they rely instead on their own two feet and the everpresent winds to bring them news. It is rumored that they have learned to speak the language of the winds, and can often be found outside on a bright, windy day, dancing with the air. The Bearers of the Quill love words above all else, setting them to music or shaping them into poetry. But they also know the value of knowledge and do not share all they know indiscriminately. The Quill Bearers have no particular ethics or morals in common, but they do tend to be less orderly than most, despite their love of knowledge.

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