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[Fire IMM] [None] Radickon the Taunter and Corruptor
Tattoo: tattoo of the Rampaging Bull
Sphere(s): Fire, Victory, Rage


Those branded with the Rampaging Bull are followers of Radickon and determined to prevail in all they undertake. They are obsessed with victory, and rage becomes a means for accomplishing victory.

These are by no means mindless people with no purpose in life. They do, however, lose all regard for their personal welfare when trying to accomplish their goals. The desire for victory overshadows all else. They have a variety of purposes in life, some good, others evil, but these goals are always an obsession. Those who bear this mark are courageous and relentless in battle, although not always honorable.

Fire is the symbolical element for this type of person. As fire sustains itself by feeding on that which falls into its path, so do followers gain strength by consuming anything that stands against them or gets close enough to block progress.

Followers of the Rampaging Bull must be fierce and never falter at the risk of being destroyed. Characterized by wild, intense emotions, strong will, and utter disregard for anything that hinders them, these people usually have chaotic tendancies.

<center>Other Titles:
Radickon, Creator of Spontaneous Combustion

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