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[Human GOD] [DAWN] Raisa the Lady of the Darkened Rose
Tattoo: tattoo of a Darkened Rose
Sphere(s): Dedication, Protection


The followers of Raisa, the Lady of the Darkened Rose, are disciples of either Dedication or Protection. They walk in the Light and uphold the Laws of the Realm. A follower of the Rose will protect rather than destroy and would at any time stand as a defender than an aggressor. An applicant will be turned down if they stray from the given path, wear evil items on their body, aid evil in furthering the attempted destruction of Thera, or haven't found their true path in life.

Working hard to attain powers that will aid you and others is common and proof is often needed - remember: you have to convince Her of your dedication to the Light and how Protection will embrace the benefit of all of Thera.

If you follow her path and show your faith to be strong and reliable in action, then feel free to seek Her in her shrine.

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