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[Cloud IMM] [BATTLE] Ordasen the Great White Bear
Tattoo: a great white bear
Sphere(s): War, Courage


Even among the gods, Ordasen is an imposing figure as some call him the Great Bear. In all of his forms he exudes an incredible power, and when he speaks, his voice booms like thunder across the mountains. It is told that Ordasen graces the cold Northern lands, where the hallowed grounds are from which he roams and hunts for sport. Joined with him are the honored spirits returned to the world, rewarded for their actions and deeds when they were living. There they shall remain to live out eternity in the bliss of their glory, before the presence of their great lord.

However while he enjoys the hunt and great food, Ordasen puts contest of strength and courage above all else. As it is upon the field of battle where one earns their glory and has proven themselves in combat. Where the dead are honored for their courage and skill upon the fields be they friend or foe, and their own glory making a place for them at Ordasen's side. For war is an accurate means and a perfect measure of the quality of a living being for their true soul shall emerge. It requires ingenuity, courage, physical prowess and perseverance in life, with the only thing that they fear is to die in their sleep or of old age. It matters not who the victor is - what matters is how one fought in the battle. Indeed, some of the most honored in Ordasen's halls are the great warriors who fought with courage and fell with glory in a last stand against overwhelming odds.

Those who follow Ordasen value their personal courage and strength above all else, and are often found close to the battlefields across Thera. Whether it be a drunken inn brawl, or charging into the fray as a mercenary in a great army. The followers of the bear are brutal in combat, using any means needed to prove their courage. They look upon cowardice as the ultimate blasphemy, yet recognize that not many are strong enough to stand up to them and forgive the 'weaker' people. Among themselves though, they tolerate no cowardice at all and any follower of Ordasen who has been marked as a coward receives a blight upon their name worse than death.

Search out the great halls of Ordasen near the mountains which encircle the dark city of the frozen north.

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