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[Human IMM] [OUTLANDER] Amaranthe the Goddess of the Harvest Moon
Tattoo: an ornate mandala
Sphere(s): Fertility, Seasons, Death

The Coven of Amaranthe
The Coven of Amaranthe maintains belief in the cyclical nature of life and death, and the importance of embracing and celebrating these cycles through ritual and revelry. Families and friends are to be cherished, and special occasions both domestically and in the world at large are always a cause for rejoicing. While the Coven does follow a religion of nature, it is not only of reverence for the wild, and also places a great deal of respect for mortal family life and agricultural communities. Still, the Coven's adherents preach to hearken back to a simpler time, to avoid the trappings of expansive civilization and industry, lest they minimize one's connection to the Great Cycle.

Members of the Coven draw their power of faith from the entirety of life's cycles, as made manifest by the Three Aspects of the Goddess:

- The Maiden: Manifest through Fertility, the Maiden represents youth and beginnings. Those serving the Coven through the Maiden are most often concerned with creation and the nurturing of life, and are sometimes seen as playful or flighty harbingers of beauty and joy.

- The Mother: Manifest through the Seasons, the Mother represents constancy and endurance. As a nurturer and a protectress, the Mother inspires stability and dedication in those that serve the Coven through her. Those serving the Mother are often seen as warm yet solemn, sometimes offering admonitions as often as they offer comfort.

- The Crone: Manifest through Death, the Crone represents destruction and endings. She is wisest of the Aspects, and also the least forgiving. Those serving the Coven through her are often known to display willful bouts of fury and decay, culling the weeds from the garden that is the Great Cycle.

No matter the Aspect a member of the Coven is focused upon, all have their left palms adorned with a tattoo of an ornate mandala as a symbol of the Cycle.

Those seeking to join the Coven should look to where the fields are fertile and the harvest is near. Be warned, however, that souls too deeply tainted with the darkness of mortal frailties are not welcome to cross her threshold.

(Note: Rumors are whispered that the Goddess Amaranthe, being cyclical in nature, has slipped into the shadow of the New Moon. It is said that during this time, prayers are often met with silence and shadow, though occasionally whispers from the Goddess may appear in one's sleep, or in the back of one's mind. Druids and priests proclaim that eventually, the Goddess will emerge again from the shadow of her slumber, like the first blossoms of spring.)

Description and items:

If the earth were a woman, her hair would be long and rolling like the hills, adorned with leaves of green and gold, and flecked with the many-colored petals of springtime's blossoms. Her skin would be sun-kissed and healthy, and beautifully creased by the calm yet relentless passage of time. Her eyes would be as deep as the oceans; endless in their expanse of wisdom, and within them them the potential for both soothing and fury.

If the earth were a woman, her hips would be wide, broadened by the eons of toil and lifegiving. Her bosom would be ample, and her body thick and strong, and she would walk with the confidence and matronly grace of a woman who had nurtured, scorned, and endured.

If the earth were a woman, her breath would smell like a summer's wind. Her voice would sound like the larks of springtime, and her whisper like the brisk chill of winter. Her footsteps would tread like a hunter's on the soil, and about her would linger the rich and earthy aroma of an autumn's harvest.

If the earth were a woman, she would be as the Goddess who stands before you, basking in the light of a Harvest Moon.

Amaranthe is using:
<worn around neck> a wooden mandala pendant on a leather cord
<worn on body> a brown peasant dress embroidered with gold-threaded leaves
<worn on head> a pointed brown hat with a wide brim
<worn on feet> several silver ankle bracelets adorned with beads and charms
<worn about body> a long, earth-stained cloak
<worn around wrist> a bracelet of ever-changing leaves
<wielded> a tall, silver-bladed scythe
<tattooed> an ornate mandala

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