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[Human IMM] [None] Akresius, Magister Militum, Imperator of the Sanguine Chalice
Tattoo: a sanguine chalice
Sphere(s): Beauty, Combat, Victory

Those who bear the mark of the sanguine chalice are followers of Akresius, all sharing a common philosophy. There is no surrender. There is no compromise. There are no excuses. Beauty emanates from mastery of the ways of Combat, both mental and physical, to achieve Victory. Only the most decisive and masterful will prevail, be it in the diplomatic oratory of a righteous challenge or in the whirling dance that is fierce combat. On the battlefield, one must maintain composure and precision - mindless rage leads only to defeat and degradation. While the goal of every engagement is to be triumphant, sacrificing one's integrity steals the beauty of the moment and makes for a hollow victory.

In the pursuit of individual battles, a follower of Akresius tries to be polite and courteous to his foes. Antagonizing enemies can serve a tactical purpose but is generally avoided. Defeats are taken with stoicism or resignation, but never anger or frustration. Failure is not disgraceful, rationalization is. Bearers of the sanguine chalice control their rage, battling with precision and striking with force. They transcend the quarrels of the virtuously good and the purely evil. The truest beauty is combat between bearers, each seeking victory over the other, drinking from the cup of their shared blood.

Those who seek Akresius should cast their gaze upward toward high mountains where the setting sun has long bathed the rugged peaks a deep shade of crimson.

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