TROUBLE! - alansmithee ten years ago

We need to avoid offending them. - Cerunnir(VIP) ten years ago

I'd say it's about ten years too late for that. :P n/t - alansmithee ten years ago

How did we manage to piss em off? nt - Cerunnir(VIP) ten years ago

Lol, they were all fake attacks. - alansmithee ten years ago

Lame. Between that and his exchange with Janus, very lame. nt/ - Balrahd(VIP) ten years ago

Probably testing how we react to the posturing. - ExPaladin(VIP) ten years ago

Ugly. How did we get on their radar? Diplomacy!!!! NT - Thrall ten years ago

I (Janus) am sending my troops at him as soon as they're gathered. nt - sultan ten years ago

Turns out this guy is a huge dick. Chatlog enclosed. - sultan ten years ago

Guy is a complete fucking liar. Text: - sultan ten years ago

When that happens to me, it's usually a f'ing scion assassin. n/t - Balrahd(VIP) ten years ago

Ice cubes at the sun. I love it. NT. - Thrall ten years ago

Sweet. n/t - alansmithee ten years ago

BYZ is large and in charge :( (n/t) - shroomking ten years ago

Yeah. Welcome to the party n/t - Lokain ten years ago

Heh, shouldn't there be a "pal" at the end of that, Officer Mclane? :P n/t - alansmithee ten years ago

No but I almost said "You can hang your melo in the drama closet" :P n/t - Lokain ten years ago

But seriously. - Lokain ten years ago

That's not a raid. He's sent 3 waves 30 secs apart. Expect catapults. NT - Falstaff ten years ago

Yeah, that's what I was figuring. Blech. :( n/t - alansmithee ten years ago

I'm actually thinking he sent them by item type - Lokain ten years ago

I'm planning on having zero forces inside, and no resources over 2/3 cranny amount. - alansmithee ten years ago

That really seems like the best strategy - Lokain ten years ago

UNLESS OF COURSE... everyone wants to reinforce me and we smack him around! - alansmithee ten years ago

Or he's f'ing with you and sent 3 legionaires 30 sec apart. NT - Falstaff ten years ago

That's what he did. n/t - alansmithee ten years ago

Funny Travian moments. - Jasmu ten years ago

Awesome..lets introduce rage deleting to Travian. I also noticed that NoStop deleted n/t - Lokain ten years ago

I'd rather they become farms/new CF villages than to have them delete. NT - Falstaff ten years ago

Ask Balrahd how fun it is to compete with another CF village in the vicinity. And it's only gonna get worse. n/t - Lokain ten years ago

How many traps is a gaul with 20 population likely to have? - ExPaladin(VIP) ten years ago

I don't get the problem. Just "attack" and not "raid" and it's no problem. - alansmithee ten years ago

That's easy to say for a Teuton - Lokain ten years ago

Admiral Ackbar is your friend. He's wise to their ways. nt - Yhorian(VIP) ten years ago

ah. gotcha. thanks for explaining. nt - alansmithee ten years ago

0 nt - Jasmu ten years ago

So, the alliance of the guy I've been trouncing is asking for a wing alliance. - alansmithee ten years ago

No idea but with your location you might want to consider it. - Jasmu ten years ago

I think that's right. n/t - alansmithee ten years ago

As an aside... - alansmithee ten years ago

iPhone ftw n/t - Lokain ten years ago

I'll never use Cingular/AT&T voluntarily again. They are scum. - alansmithee ten years ago

Please use the new HIT LIST sticky post when someone attacks you. txt - Isildur(VIP) ten years ago

WHAT THE FUCK?!?!? - alansmithee ten years ago

Jesus fucking christ this guy is cheating so hard. - alansmithee ten years ago

Reinforcements maybe n/t - Lokain ten years ago

From whom? He's not part of an alliance. Anyway, I think he's cheating. - alansmithee ten years ago

No way dude, he's not cheating, the player is just Nepenthe. ~ - Rade ten years ago

Maybe scout him? nt - mblackthorne ten years ago

I presume from the same people who gave him so many resources early on - Lokain ten years ago

Yeah, I pointed out in my report that the immune but able to attack system sucks. - alansmithee ten years ago

So .. um.. are you going to report him yet? n/t - Balrahd(VIP) ten years ago

I did the first time. I'll see what comes of that, if nothing, I'll do it again, with this. n/t - alansmithee ten years ago

Keep doing it until he's banned. Check out his profile. Smells like griefer. n/t - Balrahd(VIP) ten years ago

That's my plan, but it's entirely possible they just let him slide. We'll see. I'll keep you posted. - alansmithee ten years ago

CF Embassy Lvl 5 - Rhuean ten years ago

Is there somewhere I can a list of all my buildings and their levels? n/t - alansmithee ten years ago

Travian wikia - bhagavan ten years ago

Why did you post this? This just lists all the buildings in the game? - alansmithee ten years ago

You mean, in the game? - bhagavan ten years ago

Yes, how else? I want to see all my buildings, and their levels. I'm not sure what's confusing about this? n/t - alansmithee ten years ago

The Travian Beyond script does this, see my previous post about the Firefox greasemonkey plugin nt - Rade ten years ago

I misunderstood. Sorry, don't know of any. (n/t) - bhagavan ten years ago

Oh well, thanks for trying. I'm really bitter about something else now. See above. n/t - alansmithee ten years ago

I could use some resources now, please. - alansmithee ten years ago

I'll send you some when I go to bed tonight. nt - Isildur(VIP) ten years ago

Thanks, having just lost the 14 I built today to the cheater, I'm working again. *sigh* n/t - alansmithee ten years ago

There is no way I can do this.. - Lokain ten years ago

I have the same problem, but it's only one guy and his name is Brahk. :P n/t - Balrahd(VIP) ten years ago

No worries, I'll be fine. And my boy Berroxxus is sending me some lewt. - alansmithee ten years ago

Tell them to take care of their own villages. You're not their bitch. ~ - Krilcov ten years ago

So, remember the guy in newb protection who attacked me, but I couldn't attack? - alansmithee ten years ago

You should report him as suspicious, too. You're only supposed to transport an hour's worth of production a day to your friends. n/t - Balrahd(VIP) ten years ago

Yeah, maybe. But if he has 100 friends, that could still account for it, and be allowed. nt - alansmithee ten years ago

Keep farming the bitch! (n/t) - bhagavan ten years ago

Need protection from beck 56 102! - ORB ten years ago

PSA - add a page to yourself on the travian wiki if you wish - ExPaladin(VIP) ten years ago

Okay so I sent troops to Tertius - Lokain ten years ago

And he messaged me asking me why I hated him.. - Lokain ten years ago

Light Warriors Alliance - To be reckoned with... - Thrall ten years ago

Totally report them. Why not? We gotta play by the rules, so do they. n/t - alansmithee ten years ago

Pussies. All of them. - Java ten years ago

Totally concur - Lokain ten years ago

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