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RULES (1 Posts) - NbM(VIP) four years ago

Anonymous log feature. (2 Posts) - Gabe(VIP) seven years ago

Memorable logs (28 Posts) - DurNominator(VIP) twelve years ago

Wtf with fire a-p spellcasting? 4 times plague and 150 hours curse? - LogFiend three days ago

To be fair, plague landed easily for Ogae (n/t) - BlkDrgn three days ago

Toooooo be Fair! n/t - NbM eighteen hours ago

Like it's been said before this isn't normal, he's been upgraded. Quest stuff so if you want details ask IC. Good news is you CAN cure it at a healer, both of them. - Frosty three days ago

This isn't true for all fire a-p's - joe three days ago

Those are rookie saves that's why. Do better. - kadsuane three days ago

Itz and Neajess catch a beating, then I promptly die to a hummingbird. Part 2 - igsoeh five days ago

Congrats on actually playing cf.. instead of theater - kadsuane five days ago

:( - BlkDrgn five days ago

Itz and Neajess catch a beating, then I promptly die to a hummingbird. - igsoeh five days ago

Kachaqa vs Graevnik 4 - LogFiend seven days ago

Kachaqa vs Graevnik 3 - LogFiend seven days ago

Kachaqa/Alendross vs Itzenxilaatl - LogFiend seven days ago

Kachaqa/Faemii vs Graldon/Gnimos at Village - LogFiend seven days ago

Kachaqa vs Graevnik 2 - LogFiend seven days ago

Kachaqa vs Glaffira - LogFiend seven days ago

Holy shit feral rage looks like an easy button here? - callowin seven days ago

It's amazing for ranking. - Kez six days ago

Kachaqa vs Graevnik 1 - LogFiend seven days ago

Oops! - TripHitNdip seven days ago

Nice log, keep posting! - Necro seven days ago

AP(41) vs Paladin(39) and a little rp afterwards. - LogFiend eight days ago

Hey Broski - TripHitNdip seven days ago

agreed - joe seven days ago

+ - Necro seven days ago

we had seen Maere poking around menacingly - LogFiend nine days ago

Something really funny or how to be the retarded AP. - LogFiend ten days ago

Three friendly suggestions - Necro nine days ago

more logs should have soundtracks - joe nine days ago

This is about how my pk interactions go. (n/t) - Artificial ten days ago

Modasien gets the drop on a maethian group - Xyfa ten days ago

Disgusting. - Kez seven days ago

Great logs. You make some seriously tough characters. nt - K-B ten days ago

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