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RULES (1 Posts) - NbM(VIP) two years ago

Anonymous log feature. (2 Posts) - Gabe(VIP) six years ago

Memorable logs (28 Posts) - DurNominator(VIP) eleven years ago

Teleport: Good or Bad? - LogFiend two days ago

Re: Teleport: Good or Bad? - bored two days ago

This is why I always want pass door or equivalent up when I teleport - daurwyn two days ago

Leitha v. Syril, Selkis - K-B three days ago

Boring too many preps. (n/t) - Randomguy three days ago

We are the worst perma ever. I still don't know you. n/t - jalim two days ago

That's how you don't get caught. (n/t) - Randomguy 22 hours ago

Umm. Did you miss the part where they almost killed me twice? Nt - K-B three days ago

He's not very clever. Go easy on him - daurwyn two days ago

Yes he is dumb for bringing up something you said that was stupid...that K-B thought was about them. (n/t) - Blackstar two days ago

He's not very clever, go easy on him. (n/t) - Randomguy 22 hours ago

Leitha v. Riktor, Selkis - K-B three days ago

Leitha v. Riktor, Syril, Kriath - K-B three days ago

Compilation 1 - K-B three days ago

Leitha v. Niiaza, Bertorius, Elowhel - K-B four days ago

Leitha v. Pjanjalgr and then Colanta - K-B four days ago

Leitha v. Kjhena - K-B four days ago

My two fav players ever going hammer and tong! - PacMan three days ago

Ouch. n/t - jalim three days ago

Leitha v. Trunky - K-B four days ago

Is it really Leitha vs Trunky tho? n/t - jalim four days ago

I don't get it. nt - K-B four days ago

Historically for it to be versus someone else they have to fight back. This was just 'Me killing Trunky.' not versus. n/t - jalim four days ago

Leitha vs. Izarer - K-B four days ago

Test Log 1 - K-B four days ago

Sorry! This is the Alzendir vs Gyra 1v1 - BlkDrgn ten days ago

Zinsyndra vs Bubbadink round 2 - BlkDrgn ten days ago

Bash me more! - BlkDrgn ten days ago

Another one - BlkDrgn ten days ago

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