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RULES (1 Posts) - NbM(VIP) two years ago

Anonymous log feature. (2 Posts) - Gabe(VIP) five years ago

Memorable logs (28 Posts) - DurNominator(VIP) ten years ago

old cheapshot porn - LogFiend fifteen hours ago

I hope you were hasted here, otherwise the melee/tanking vs polearm is just... nuts. I guess Glauragon wasn't a giant, either? (n/t) - Calion twelve hours ago

How's that different - Kstatida thirteen hours ago

DIE NOW! - LogFiend two days ago

Hate to be that guy - WHO list from yesterday PM (12/6) - localloop four days ago

i hooked a brother up. nt - The Forsaken(VIP) three days ago

There’s a notepad app within windows you can’t spill coffee on - HairyOrangutan four days ago

Challenge accepted (n/t) - Quas four days ago

Couple of lowbies on at around 6pm Eastern. - wrathpuppet four days ago

Re: Couple of lowbies on at around 6pm Eastern. - localloop four days ago

Anyone have a who list from about 9-11 hours ago? 05/12/18 - LogFiend six days ago

Re: Anyone have a who list from about 9-11 hours ago? 05/12/18 - Carrock six days ago

Pagul's Player.....need your help. - LogFiend six days ago

Pagul’s player can’t respond. Frosty says it’s a bad thing to allow anonymous replies on the log board (n/t) - TJHuron six days ago

This is a really funny way of asking me to start that "Frosty says..." blog. - Frosty six days ago

This supposed to happen? - LogFiend nine days ago

There is a mummy spell that does that. - jalim nine days ago

It’s leprosy - Quas nine days ago

Tebor in "The Death of Fortlander part 3: When Acolytes Attack!" - LogFiend ten days ago

Tebor, Girf, and Laurile take a stroll through Galadon - LogFiend ten days ago

Tebor in "The Death of Fortlander part 2: Defilers Doom" - LogFiend ten days ago

That's a lot of gold that could be donated to orphanages. (n/t) - Artificial ten days ago

Tebor the lion tamer - LogFiend ten days ago

Insane damage. (n/t) - scr ten days ago

Tebor in "The Death of Fortlander part 1" - LogFiend ten days ago

I love that the healer is so eager to gang he fails to heal the dead guy so he can curse Tebor. (n/t) - The_Joker ten days ago

Tebor says, "Don't have a cow man" - LogFiend ten days ago

So either Scarab or Emnon was snooping you? - Sam ten days ago

looks like Gaspare. nt - The Forsaken(VIP) eight days ago

Tebor in, "Under the sea" - LogFiend ten days ago

Poetic Justice.. the Ikno STOMP! - LogFiend eleven days ago

Well it's pretty obvious the poem was written beforehand (n/t) - Kstatida ten days ago

Does anyone actually feel bad about this? - hug ten days ago

Team goodie is really rough but it will not hold forever (n/t) - zheesus ten days ago

Who the fuck would feel bad about that? - PacMan ten days ago

Re: Does anyone actually feel bad about this? - daurwyn ten days ago

I like to think that permas aren't nearly as common as qhcf makes them out to be. (n/t) - Shams ten days ago

To be fair, this comment was about a LACK OF permas. ;) (n/t) - Frosty ten days ago

Doesn't this kinda validate those nasty notes? (n/t) - wrathpuppet eleven days ago

He plays a pretty vitriolic angry paladin (n/t) - Quas eleven days ago

Argh, alright. You won! - LogFiend two weeks ago

Why cabal power checks so much? (n/t) - scr two weeks ago

Black channel lowers mana cost - Checks for each cast n/t - zargu two weeks ago

I'm no expert but it might have something to do with these. - Frosty two weeks ago

i hate u so much (n/t) - Rhyaldrin two weeks ago

I don't get it... (n/t) - BlkDrgn two weeks ago

Now i simply feel myself guilty pkiling noobs at low levels. - shaapa two weeks ago

Isn't it hardcoded now that non-evil cannot even take the oath? - Calion two weeks ago

Welcome to the club - daurwyn two weeks ago

That was you? (n/t) - Kez two weeks ago

Yup. (n/t) - shaapa two weeks ago

I thought you weren't playing anymore. - Kez two weeks ago

Shaapa has nothing better to do in his life than being a complete hypocrite on cf. I still find it funny he narced on the other cheaters in Russia, as he is the largest cheater there is. (n/t) - funnyone eleven days ago

There's a fair bit of evidence that he isn't these days - daurwyn eight days ago

Agreed, shaapa is nice to play with - starbright seven days ago

Any kind of enemy - Kstatida seven days ago

But that means he's playing well - starbright seven days ago

I think there's no denying he's good (n/t) - Kstatida seven days ago

Well gee wiz it sure is a good thing you don't play anymore, cuz now you don't have to put up with that crap. :) - Frosty seven days ago

Thank you - Kstatida seven days ago

I figured he would have liked those things as well. Maybe he really didn't know. (n/t) - Frosty eight days ago

No RP Murder Healer position opened up. He was the right man for the job. (n/t) - wrathpuppet two weeks ago

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