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RULES (1 Posts) - NbM(VIP) last year

Anonymous log feature. (2 Posts) - Gabe(VIP) five years ago

Memorable logs (28 Posts) - DurNominator(VIP) ten years ago

Whats going on? Umiron reminds me of Nep. Might be the same person - LogFiend one hour ago

I thought physics got banned do we have that many people with persecution complex’s (n/t) - Quas one hour ago

Chaos flows into the world. (seizure warning) - MiyagiYojimbo one hour ago

Gern vs. Mozhul - LogFiend ten hours ago

Better tactic for Mozhul - Spronti four hours ago

It might have worked - daurwyn five hours ago

Yup, unprepped muter vs giant flail spec, cheating. The fuck did Mozhul expect? Prep man, PREP! (n/t) - bloodmoon nine hours ago

You cheated - Kstatida nine hours ago

A kill on Drissa and the Dhuzir conspiracy - LogFiend 22 hours ago

An okay log. But I can only boggle at the level of delusional conspiracy theories you are able to cook up. (n/t) - Calion four hours ago

I think there's enough there to be somewhat suspicious. Having chars which are friends and enemies of both of the participants, I'll just throw in my less than two cents and say that I'm suspicious too. (n/t) - Returner eight hours ago

I'm suspicious of everyone who fucks me up. - Kstatida eight hours ago

the obvious answer is 'who cares!' - The Forsaken(VIP) nine hours ago

Congrats on the kill. - Kstatida seventeen hours ago

Maybe.. - ekvilibr seventeen hours ago

I liked PK action, thumbs up. On the other hand.. - scr eighteen hours ago

He's not lame - Kstatida seventeen hours ago

Why my chars aren't still pbfed? Spent all your money while WC'18? (n/t) - scr sixteen hours ago

You refused my invitation to banya - Kstatida sixteen hours ago

I've got justification - I was drunk! - scr sixteen hours ago

Umm, I'm not seeing it - daurwyn eighteen hours ago

lol, literally nothing in your post supports your conspiracy theory - patrisaurus 21 hours ago

Cheers! :) - Frosty 21 hours ago

Yeesh drop it - Quas 22 hours ago

Dude, you can't put cheers at the end of that. (n/t) - Frosty 22 hours ago

Nice peekay. - Rhyaldrin 22 hours ago

Did you watch Crowder go into that juice shop, or when he contronted carbomb lady? That dude cracks me up. (n/t) - Frosty 22 hours ago

I did. Crowder is great. My favorite is still when he and Jared went to the commie rally in drag. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin 22 hours ago

Oh snap, that sounds good! I haven't seen that one yet. (n/t) - Frosty 21 hours ago

Actually I was confused. He wasn't in drag. - Rhyaldrin twenty hours ago

So last log was borderline character assassination. This one is 100% trying to accuse two characters of cheating using your IC handle. This has to be against the rules (n/t) - tesline 22 hours ago

This is one stupid game - LogFiend yesterday, 02:53AM

Didn't Alex just play a nasty anathema assassin? - K-B yesterday, 11:07AM

I went from Anathema to Emperor. - Rhyaldrin yesterday, 01:30PM

You weren't the first either. That said, it was a total bitch move. Bitch moves happen in and out of game, deal with it. (n/t) - Frosty 22 hours ago

Dhuzir wanted strange bracers and inflicted an Anethema on a guy who had earned shadow lord. - physics yesterday, 02:03PM

There is no such thing as "earning shadow lord" - Kstatida seventeen hours ago

You forget he's evil - daurwyn eighteen hours ago

I for once agree with physics and exactly why I will never play Empire (n/t) - Noone of significance yesterday, 02:31PM

It's not the first time it's happened. Won't be the last. It's also not unacceptable in terms of Imperial rp. - Rhyaldrin yesterday, 02:13PM

I think you mean "makes him look like a bitch OOC" - Spronti yesterday, 02:30PM

no. he played a chump char 6 out of every 24 ticks. nt - The Forsaken(VIP) yesterday, 11:38AM

Hahahaha! Thank you. :) (n/t) - Frosty 22 hours ago

Yeah, Tiiga, wrecked my own assassin at the time. (n/t) - bloodmoon yesterday, 11:15AM

This sucks. If I were you I would just roll a char that is a hard counter to duergar shaman and make his life miserable. (n/t) - Returner yesterday, 08:49AM

Congrats you are a bitch in game and out. - tesline yesterday, 05:43AM

There's one thing I've learnt by heart - Kstatida yesterday, 04:38AM

Re: There's one thing I've learnt by heart - bufu yesterday, 04:57AM

What reasons Dhuzir have? - ekvilibr yesterday, 04:23AM

REASONS WITHIN - physics yesterday, 10:09AM

The good news is - daurwyn eighteen hours ago

You need to avoid words like: always, never, every, none. Good luck. (n/t) - Frosty 21 hours ago

Can we do something about this piece of crap poster yet? (n/t) - Habbs yesterday, 02:17PM

+1 (n/t) - patrisaurus 21 hours ago

Re: Can we do something about this piece of crap poster yet? - wasted yesterday, 02:45PM

Ruined how? Anathema isn't the end. Look at solraen. Anathema for like 3 months lol nt (n/t) - demos yesterday, 03:30AM

What about Jehlruk? (n/t) - random 22 hours ago

Hey look, a cultist in the cult of CF is offering kool-aid to everyone else. - physics yesterday, 10:17AM

And you wonder why you get treated differently.... Nt (n/t) - demos yesterday, 11:33AM

Hey, look. A delusional piece of shit blaming everyone else but themself. - MiyagiYojimbo yesterday, 11:29AM

I played an anathema - daurwyn yesterday, 11:19AM

You're an idiot. Solraen was completely ruined - using 'him not deleting' as an argument is laughable. (n/t) - PacMan yesterday, 03:38AM

Lol dumbfuck... - demos yesterday, 03:43AM

Umm that's silly - Kstatida yesterday, 05:38AM

Depends on build - daurwyn yesterday, 10:51AM

And healer aimed at exploring hell is not one of them (n/t) - Kstatida seventeen hours ago

This. As long as you don’t depend on being a faceless herd member anathema isn’t really a set back - Quas yesterday, 10:59AM

Nah smart angle would be to go full dest follower and rail against the chaos emnon has produced. Cry about order and decadence destroying a once strong empire. Nt (n/t) - demos yesterday, 05:46AM

No - Kstatida yesterday, 06:50AM

Sometimes overcoming a tough in game challenge can pay dividends in real life. Not everything needs to be fun fun dopamine hit to the brain. (n/t) - Returner yesterday, 08:55AM

I'm sure we have enough things in life that are not fun dopamine hit to the brain (n/t) - Kstatida seventeen hours ago

IF you want honestly you would need a team of therapists to deal with the mental issues most players have here...namely just two would take an entire psych ward. (n/t) - tesline yesterday, 07:06AM

Calls me a dumbfuck, thinks I played Kadavarn. Okay Einstein. - PacMan yesterday, 03:49AM

It was a joke you ninny. Nt (n/t) - demos yesterday, 03:50AM

Well, you can't blame solely on others. - MiyagiYojimbo yesterday, 03:05AM

Not surprising sadly - PacMan yesterday, 03:02AM

Elfo is no more. - LogFiend three days ago

This is my favorite log of all time. (n/t) - joe 21 hours ago

Poor Elfo - Kstatida two days ago

How much time did you spend on that description? Seems like a waste... (n/t) - TJHuron three days ago

imo that should be an acceptable desc. - Rhyaldrin three days ago

Yeah, really no trouble with the desc - TJHuron three days ago

Actually I got sitebanned for this. - physics two days ago

AWESOME!!! - MiyagiYojimbo two days ago

You will be sorely missed. nt - Java two days ago

Bet you can't cite a single rule I broke :) - physics two days ago

Daevryn can rape my morts with whatever Silent Hell item he wants. - Rhyaldrin two days ago

Or just to learn some more power gaming shit - TJHuron two days ago

The mystery of Aulrathdien to me was always why he drowned so many times in coral palace at that rank. - Rhyaldrin two days ago

He has a job, does he not? (n/t) - Murphy yesterday, 08:52PM

Barbed swords? +6 dam natural weapons (n/t) - TJHuron yesterday, 07:14PM

That's the alibi. ;) (n/t) - Frosty yesterday, 07:18PM

Oh, I see. How many of you have drowned in there since looking for Daevryn's secrets? (n/t) - TJHuron yesterday, 07:27PM

You realize he had access to immortal powers to snoop and see where his kills were, right? - physics two days ago

I acknowledged he did but I don't think it was code fucking so much as - TJHuron yesterday, 07:22PM

I don’t think you have spent much time with his mortals or good player killers - Quas two days ago

I tend to rate players by tier. - Rhyaldrin two days ago

This one made me laugh hard (n/t) - Kstatida yesterday, 11:59PM

I rate players by whining. - MiyagiYojimbo yesterday, 07:54PM

You won't be missed. - MiyagiYojimbo two days ago

Well you gotta post that log now, too (n/t) - TJHuron two days ago

Go fuck yourself. (n/t) - Java three days ago

Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning. - physics three days ago

Elfo is a friend to all. Even miserable fuckboys like you. - Rhyaldrin three days ago

Some mess with Trunkarra - scr three days ago

I really liked that last line by Ischer. (n/t) - Adenith three days ago

This sounds so much like Ssysthira :) (n/t) - Kstatida three days ago

You mean prjella? ;) (n/t) - demos three days ago

Now that you mention it (n/t) - Kstatida three days ago

Merelith causes another rage delete! - LogFiend four days ago

35-41 assassins SHOULDNT be MARANED.(P.S. If they dont suck Imms dick well, if they are - then its alright) nt - zanzarin three days ago

Why not? (n/t) - bloodmoon three days ago

In the name of THE FUN. - zanzarin two days ago

I don't understand the appeal to level sitting. - Kez two days ago

You don't know how to cook it (n/t) - Kstatida two days ago

HURR DURR I SHOOT KROKODIL IN MY TAINT (n/t) - Rhyaldrin three days ago

Read it first as "35-41 assassins shouldn't be married". Fucking myopia. (n/t) - Murphy three days ago

They shouldn't - Kstatida two days ago

I like how you the first thing you did after the "goodbye dodge" comment was dodge an attack. :) (n/t) - Frosty four days ago

back in the old days, assassins had one shot for a 50/50 fight against axe/mace/whip/flail - The Forsaken(VIP) four days ago

Unpredictable edge - daurwyn three days ago

I was thinking about this issue. Is it as simple as success rate of throw? - physics four days ago

no, it's dodge. assassins couldn't dodge axe/mace/flail and had to use a shield - The Forsaken(VIP) four days ago

What happened? - Kez four days ago

Dex changes - daurwyn three days ago

How do I respond to someone so fucking stupid? You are just an utter idiot. I feel sorry for you. Meredith will rage delete soon enough. (n/t) - funnyone four days ago

I think this character has been around longer than any single character you have played. (n/t) - tesline four days ago

Ngua is me - badboy four days ago

Always funny to see you be a whiny boi. (n/t) - MiyagiYojimbo four days ago

it was nice ranking some with you - The Forsaken(VIP) four days ago

You think Throw is broken.. - Java four days ago

Many things are broken, just not throw - badboy four days ago

Well - Kstatida three days ago

Drissa is H2H spec - Kez four days ago

You can't throw her at all. - Rhyaldrin four days ago

Really? Need to roll another hth centaur and marvel at ROLLING OUT OF THROWS. Horsebatic! (n/t) - Murphy three days ago

It should lag the shit out of people who try to throw centaurs - MiyagiYojimbo three days ago

^ (n/t) - bloodmoon three days ago

Looked like you got maladicted when you missed the bash - daurwyn four days ago

PSA: whip/flail is terrible for melee - Quas four days ago

poor taste - Quas four days ago

Lol well he shouldn't you know....break character. (n/t) - tesline four days ago

And this player shouldn't douche post it. - hug four days ago

Imho savage feeding is ok - daurwyn four days ago

shig being great is a misconception - Quas four days ago

I've played the other 3 adapts - daurwyn three days ago

Re: I've played the other 3 adapts - Quas three days ago

Thing is, you don't fallback when you're lagged - Kstatida three days ago

This, plus - daurwyn three days ago

I was going to call you a faggot but I'll just wait for funnyone to do his throw commentary instead. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin four days ago

Zah vs. Itham again - Kez five days ago

What was that angelic wings thing? Looks like it left him with negative/unholy vulns. - Java three days ago

My guess is aristea? (n/t) - Quas three days ago

It is. (n/t) - tesline three days ago

Dirty indeed. From perfect health to dead in one round through sanc. (n/t) - Calion three days ago

Pretty sure sanc dropped, notice the hour tick. - Kez three days ago

In my experience affect timers are subtracted after the hour changes, i.e. for the round that begins. - Calion two days ago

Something changed. - Java two days ago

Yeah, that would explain it (n/t) - Calion two days ago

Zah vs. Itham - Kez five days ago

Zah vs. Walrus - Kez five days ago

As an FYI - Kez four days ago

That was so fun to kill you funnyone:) (n/t) - LogFiend five days ago

to be clear... - Welverin four days ago

Faggot. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin five days ago

Using the logboard like this makes you a douche. Congratz. - Frosty five days ago

Yet you praise people for abusing game mechanics to grief people....weird. (n/t) - tesline four days ago

Are you joking? I can't tell. Roleplaying is not abusing game mechanics. - Frosty four days ago

Actually I did think of it. It was just plain being a cunt and I wouldn't lower myself to doing that. - tesline two days ago

Unfortunately, you don't have a good record of roleplaying - Kstatida three days ago

Everything is about records with you. - Frosty three days ago

If it's not recorded, it doesn't exist - Kstatida two days ago

He doesn't have a record. - Murphy three days ago

He has a record. Most Posts That Frosty Replies To - Rhyaldrin three days ago

Pretty sure Matty has you both licked. :P (n/t) - Frosty three days ago

I'm talking of Frosty. Frosty has no record. - Murphy three days ago

Oh well in that case. - Rhyaldrin three days ago

Re: Oh well in that case. - Frosty three days ago

Agreed nt - daurwyn five days ago

Went to fight an elven shapeshifter and the whole squad join in :) - LogFiend six days ago

Anaconda is back? I thought Zulg got rid of it when he revamped shifters. (n/t) - Calion four days ago

given as a quest form - Quas four days ago

I deserved it - Kstatida three days ago

Gillador vs Drogun, Drissa, and Rilaer - LogFiend six days ago

Also no love from anti-gank code. Meh nt - physics six days ago

Cause only two of them, Rilaer doesn't assist (technically) (n/t) - random six days ago

ToIW wearing out? (n/t) - Kstatida six days ago

Weakened by the effort, your focus on spiritual defenses drops - physics six days ago

Gillador vs Vhalandar, Jarandus, and Jereimica (last death) - LogFiend six days ago

Gillador vs Adko - LogFiend six days ago

Nice! - Kstatida six days ago

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