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Cat is fight? - LogFiend four weeks ago

Cat: The Fight - LogFiend five weeks ago

THANKS CAT!! Love the fights! <3 (n/t) - Frosty four weeks ago

Cat does fight - LogFiend five weeks ago

Cat can Fight? - LogFiend five weeks ago

Even More Cat Fights - LogFiend five weeks ago

Big thanks for posting. Logs make the world go round. nt - Shams four weeks ago

Cat starts fights - LogFiend five weeks ago

More Cat Fights - LogFiend five weeks ago

Cat Fights - LogFiend five weeks ago

Goblin's flurry - LogFiend six weeks ago

Oh come on it's not any secret - Kstatida six weeks ago

That was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing. (n/t) - Frosty six weeks ago

When you never try to take the risk, its like fishing - LogFiend six weeks ago

What am I missing? n/t - jalim six weeks ago

you? lots. nt - The Forsaken(VIP) six weeks ago

gg n/t - jalim six weeks ago

The assassin vs two outlanders, guest Star the villager. - LogFiend seven weeks ago

Dead asassin is always good, despite of circumstances - zanzarin seven weeks ago

Have you been assassinated a lot? - joe six weeks ago

Yes, i have been assassinated by boredom of dozens like this one, who do nothing but hide and stalk - zanzarin six weeks ago

Avoiding assassinate shouldn't be that tough. - joe six weeks ago

You dont get the point - zanzarin six weeks ago

Re: You dont get the point - jhyrbian six weeks ago

+1 (n/t) - Frosty six weeks ago

You don't get it too - Kstatida six weeks ago

+1 (n/t) - Frosty six weeks ago

Ragers who act like that generally get booted pretty fast (n/t) - PacMan seven weeks ago

Thats one way to do it. He's okay as long as he isn't sending you tells. n/t - jalim seven weeks ago

occ its me sierothe nt - The Forsaken(VIP) seven weeks ago

Empire vs. Kolta - LogFiend seven weeks ago

Jilfvi vs. trur again - LogFiend last month

Imperial Vengeance - LogFiend last month

Re: Imperial Vengeance - zannon seven weeks ago

Only used to do big damage...but yeah, seems it borks Anathema's pretty hard. - Sam seven weeks ago

Ysforgul forgets to count on his fingers. - Xyfa two months ago

Honestly don't understand how any of the gankers got enjoyment in this - Dalbrin two months ago

You realize its possible that more than one person got that form don't you? - jalim two months ago

Language. (n/t) - Frosty two months ago

Yeah well. - jalim two months ago

I honestly don't think it's interesting to gang people down effectively. (n/t) - karnif four weeks ago

I wouldn't want to watch live chess matches either. n/t - jalim four weeks ago

Why'd your goofy butt get married on a chess board then? LOL - TripHitNdip three weeks ago

We didn't. One of our wedding photos afterwards was on a giant chess board though. Creeper. n/t - jalim three weeks ago

:) Can't argue with that. (n/t) - Frosty two months ago

Well - Xyfa two months ago

I remember it well, and agreed, you could just have softened up the tara'bal. - karnif four weeks ago

hey man, that was hard - jhyrbian two months ago

They escape anti-gang by having a bunch of groups of 2? - Sam two months ago

All one group pretty sure (n/t) - Xyfa two months ago

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