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for quas - Gulrom two weeks ago

from Istendil's time - ellokraine two weeks ago

Thank you to all who supported. - Gulrom two weeks ago

Haters gunna hate. Always have, always will. - Frosty two weeks ago

Re: from Istendil's time - Kez two weeks ago

There used to be a solution... - Lokith two weeks ago

Completely and utterly wrong - Kstatida two weeks ago

I liked Bheru - random two weeks ago

You're shapa's opposite - Kstatida two weeks ago

Re: for quas - bufu two weeks ago

This sounds juicy. Can I get some details? (n/t) - Matrik two weeks ago

I doubt they're going to say anything on the forums without the option to do it anonymously. Punk ass bitches. (n/t) - Frosty two weeks ago

FWIW I was rooting for you, and I DO have a clue as to what you went through. - Frosty two weeks ago

Log request: chicken lord losing his weapon - Quas two weeks ago

EHL vs fortroscarabs - LogFiend two weeks ago

Doesn't look like you have reckoning of the mongoose... - Spronti two weeks ago

Re: I wonder why - anta two weeks ago

He won't be enslaved by some stupid religion (n/t) - Kstatida two weeks ago

LOL ROLF CLOWNS Better luck next time. Am I right? - Navarone two weeks ago

The butthurt in this Navarone guy is strong. - PacMan two weeks ago

Come on buddy. - Navarone two weeks ago

You are takin' it too personally. Wanna speak 'bout that? (c) (n/t) - anta two weeks ago

I think the motivation for my bitchfest is obvious, friend. - Navarone two weeks ago

He's not your buddy, friend. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin two weeks ago

Some people will NEVER learn to distinguish between them. It's all good mang. (n/t) - Frosty two weeks ago

EHL vs 4, two defends. - LogFiend two weeks ago

What am I missing here? Why are they clowns? (n/t) - Navarone two weeks ago

A group with summon + huge malediction potential and permalag lost one member (n/t) - anta two weeks ago

So he quaffed at 86% away from a group of clowns? - Navarone two weeks ago

He ate kote for -9/-9 and soften - anta two weeks ago

I don't think you understand my point, guy. - Navarone two weeks ago

So, you dislike the attitude - anta two weeks ago

There's a reason everyone's trying to grief him. (n/t) - Murphy two weeks ago

I know nothing about that. So I can't judge. (n/t) - anta two weeks ago

What I'm saying is you're mixing up cause and effect. - Murphy two weeks ago

It's an endless cycle of bad attitude (n/t) - Kstatida two weeks ago

Always thought its lame you can unghost on the inner. (n/t) - Kez two weeks ago

Inners should slay ghosts imho instead of unghosting (n/t) - anta two weeks ago

+ 1000. I discourage that if I'm a leader. n/t - jalim two weeks ago

I agree. - Kez two weeks ago

Re: EHL vs 4, two defends. - PacMan two weeks ago

Stagger your trips, guys. Stagger. - Frosty two weeks ago

Re: Stagger your trips, guys. Stagger. - Brujah two weeks ago

Did... did you just say nerve strikes would have been better? Don't let the russians see you say that. (n/t) - Frosty two weeks ago

Re: Did... did you just say nerve strikes would have been better? Don't let the russians see you say that. - Brujah two weeks ago

I agree with you. I was making a joke because some russians think nerve basically useless. - Frosty two weeks ago

Nerve is a part of the assassin class. Assassins are a part of CF. - Murphy two weeks ago

Nonsense! - MiyagiYojimbo two weeks ago

Noone said nerve is useless - alex two weeks ago

Completely useless no, but close to it. Someone even said it's not worth practicing. - Frosty two weeks ago

I also disagreed with you on that same thread... - Brujah two weeks ago

You sort of disagreed with something I never said. - Frosty two weeks ago

Oh, gotcha... - Brujah two weeks ago

You're correct - Kstatida two weeks ago

EHL vs suckers! Part 2. - LogFiend two weeks ago

I know these days the numbers are lower, but that does NOT make 2 people a "horde." Stop being a crybaby bitch when you don't need to be. - Frosty two weeks ago

Was still 4 v 1 (n/t) - Jarmel two weeks ago

jeunne is actually 3 midgets in a trench coat, so, more like 6 v 1. nt - The Forsaken(VIP) two weeks ago

https://www.buzzfeed.com/andyneuenschwander/16-posts -thatll-only-make-you-laugh-if-you-own-a-1?utm_term= .sd2wLgwL3#.cfPyw7ywo - Frosty two weeks ago

Damn, wish I had that idea. (n/t) - Murphy two weeks ago

Your next role, delivered. (n/t) - Kstatida two weeks ago

Didn't say it wasn't. (n/t) - Frosty two weeks ago

EHL vs suckers! Part 1. - LogFiend two weeks ago

when will throw be fixed? n/t (n/t) - LogFiend two weeks ago

You're going to have to be more specific. - Rhyaldrin two weeks ago

Re: You're going to have to be more specific. - Brujah two weeks ago

Mmm, mmm, toasty. - LogFiend three weeks ago

Fear + Thirst = Spam - LogFiend three weeks ago

Sounds like a bugreport material (n/t) - Kstatida three weeks ago

Awesome log! Thanks for sharing. MOAR BLUD! (n/t) - Frosty three weeks ago

Yes, painful to see pole spec lose like that to a thirsting rager though - Flipside Oreo three weeks ago

They weren't trying to use charge set (n/t) - Zheeser three weeks ago

You're makin terrible spelling mistakes, cuz originally it's 'fle'. x10. (n/t) - scr three weeks ago

Bidirectional dyslexia hard. Not my fault i keep feeling when i'm supposed to flee! nt - Flipside Oreo three weeks ago

Chicken lord vs Titzinkoffs Oops - LogFiend three weeks ago

Chicken lord vs Conjurer - LogFiend three weeks ago

Zergul turns himself in. - BlkDrgn three weeks ago

P2 - BlkDrgn three weeks ago

That's more like it! :P (n/t) - mcbeth three weeks ago

Hunting for Thorawyn and Raiding refuge with hidden guest. P1 - BlkDrgn three weeks ago

TIL vamp touch also restores mana - Dalbrin three weeks ago

It's the only thing that makes undead bearable since they can't sleep. - Rhyaldrin three weeks ago

They heal while awake at a really fast pace even without vamp (n/t) - Quas three weeks ago

Defence against Nhac, PS Acceleration kills. - BlkDrgn three weeks ago

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