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Atrellio vs Gekgarit - random four months ago

Atrellio and Williad vs Aelynthi - random four months ago

Tjur Goes to see Kira in the Spire - igsoeh four months ago

Cool. And a funny bit at the end. =) (n/t) - Calion four months ago

Close call vs Harlendra - LogFiend four months ago

Hunting Criminals - K-B five months ago

Primdella/Kira vs. Alendross/Zorellaia/Scyreth - K-B five months ago

Primdella vs. Nateh - K-B five months ago

Zsorilya defending alone vs Itzenxilaatl and Sylvari - only banshee dies - IrishMidnight five months ago

"A translucent wolf spirit begins to whimper and whine with the arrival of a wailing banshee." - Calion five months ago

Huh... - IrishMidnight five months ago

Zsorilya ambushes near the dwarves - IrishMidnight five months ago

Throne Room verses Level 35 Chamption - LogFiend five months ago

You're point? - Welverin five months ago

Tweedrron duels Eiki - LogFiend five months ago

Nateh vs Kastiri and Tolith - BlkDrgn five months ago

Tjur could make some distance! Tolith vs Tjur - BlkDrgn five months ago

Who can get to disembowel first, Shark vs Tolith - BlkDrgn five months ago

Tolith Vs Jagre at the Council - BlkDrgn five months ago

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