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Zah vs Hanraldis and Dihhadea (round 2) - Kez seven days ago

What's the deal with that elemental? - yakfod seven days ago

Yes, yes. But, Zah made sure he wouldn't be conjuring anymore anytime soon. (n/t) - saagkri seven days ago

Zah vs. Hanraldis and Dihhadea - Kez seven days ago

Two wolf vs wolf logs for the slow board - Quas ten days ago

low level animist vs group - Quas ten days ago

Wakazoey vs Gemmurra - Quas ten days ago

Leodos vs Cobra - Quas ten days ago

Kooxmow had big balls, this is after he left village - Quas ten days ago

There's two jaggged shell necklaces? - zannon nine days ago

yes. and yes. and yes. but low healing, like 23-33 hp - The Forsaken(VIP) nine days ago

Looks like blatant eagle staff transfer to me (n/t) - Kstatida nine days ago

He just forgot to mention to not post this lol. (n/t) - scr eight days ago

Leodos first PK wight and mariner on mariner action - Quas ten days ago

From my PoV Dirt kick killed me! - LogFiend twelve days ago

Getting in a fight with desolation shaman and assassin killed you (n/t) - Kstatida twelve days ago

Great damage for one round, area effect, and potential lag. NT - Quixotic twelve days ago

Damage is not much different than demonfire - Quas twelve days ago

At hero it is. - Rhyaldrin twelve days ago

I've seen it hit as much as eradicates - Kstatida eleven days ago

Worked this time. - LogFiend twelve days ago

All is fine here - Kstatida twelve days ago

What pulse? His command "hit vaz" never goes out according to his log. - Rhyaldrin twelve days ago

I missed rend, yeah it was earthrend lag that killed him (n/t) - Kstatida twelve days ago

That's because you actually got the permalag echo here. - bloodmoon twelve days ago

I've played a lot of assassins. Face kick and stomach kick were always stack lag before. - Rhyaldrin twelve days ago

When I played both Mallern and Xalirith. - bloodmoon eleven days ago

It was changed around a time lag bug appeared - Kstatida twelve days ago

I don't think it was changed. I think it's bugged. - Rhyaldrin twelve days ago

Yeah. *It changed - Kstatida twelve days ago

You lost me. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin twelve days ago

Damn pointer notation. NT - Quixotic twelve days ago

It took me a day to get this - Kstatida ten days ago

Personally.... - shane eight days ago

That was my first thought when it happened vs Rotsignar - Rhyaldrin eight days ago

Which brings me to PETM Conspiracy #23421 - Rhyaldrin eight days ago

Sorry to burst your bubble - mcbeth eight days ago

I don't think so - Kstatida eight days ago

That was my first thought - Kstatida eight days ago

I was talking about 2nd throw, that was triplag (n/t) - Kstatida twelve days ago

Thanks for the log, bitch. :P (n/t) - Frosty twelve days ago

Is this a bug or did they change throw? - LogFiend thirteen days ago

Uhh...that was NOT the permalag echo. How many times have I said this now? "YOu knock the wind out of X". That's your permalag echo (n/t) - bloodmoon twelve days ago

That's not correct. - Rhyaldrin twelve days ago

You should really have some cheese to go with that. ;) (n/t) - Frosty eleven days ago

Lag bug? - Kstatida twelve days ago

Re: Lag bug? - Teamkiller twelve days ago

WTF do you mean? (n/t) - Kstatida twelve days ago

How do you know it's not a bug? - Rhyaldrin twelve days ago

Don't know about you but more boring logs. - LogFiend two weeks ago

Nice fight. n/t - lightmage thirteen days ago

Logging for the slow board. - LogFiend two weeks ago

More logs for the log board. - LogFiend two weeks ago

Braihht vs Quinloc - Dragonsbane two weeks ago

Legit lol. Well done. (n/t) - Rhyaldrin two weeks ago

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