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Marla, douche move... - scr yesterday, 12:22AM

That's his own fault. - jalim yesterday, 02:01AM

This. - Welverin yesterday, 08:54AM

No, it wasn't. I'm starting to think you're ready to roll up an evil now. ;) - Frosty yesterday, 09:37AM

Re: No, it wasn't. I'm starting to think you're ready to roll up an evil now. ;) - Welverin yesterday, 12:02PM

Dude you won't win this argument or even let them see it as a problem. - Blackstar yesterday, 12:26PM

Wow, all that over two pieces of gear. Wait, sorry, I meant one piece of gear. wink java (n/t) - Frosty yesterday, 12:36PM

No that is just my observation of years of playing. Most of you guys are closet sociopaths. (n/t) - Blackstar yesterday, 12:37PM

Did you just assume everyone's gender? - Frosty yesterday, 12:41PM

Faggot isn't a gender. (n/t) - Blackstar yesterday, 12:43PM

It was just one weapon. The other got given back. nt - Java yesterday, 10:30AM

I wanted to make a point that even if he didn't give the other back it still wouldn't have been a big deal. (n/t) - Frosty yesterday, 10:32AM

Disappointment comes from expectations. (n/t) - scr yesterday, 09:04AM

I don't think his reaction was too bad. - Kez yesterday, 12:36AM

Re: I don't think his reaction was too bad. - Kstatida yesterday, 05:03AM

Where specifically? I can't see it. (n/t) - Kez yesterday, 06:19AM

Pretty sure Jerry got uninducted for this. Maybe more than once - TJHuron yesterday, 02:21PM

This is spot on - Quas yesterday, 02:59PM

In the "only when you are sure they will strike and shit" part (n/t) - Kstatida yesterday, 06:41AM

You might be thinking of the plaque. - Kez yesterday, 10:14AM

We've got no mages in hero range nowadays at all. - scr yesterday, 12:47AM

Not that bad? - patrisaurus yesterday, 12:39AM

It's not like he went full capz warrior and spammed him with BS before deleting. He said "Enjoy it" and dropped his stuff and deleted. - Frosty yesterday, 08:15AM

i never said that (n/t) - jhyrbian yesterday, 08:21AM

Sorry! My bad! Jalim said it. I got my J names mixed up. (n/t) - Frosty yesterday, 09:33AM

It's no Kanye. FEAR THE SHADOWS MOTHERFUCKER (n/t) - Shams yesterday, 10:30AM

I'm only going by the log, haven't seen anything else. (n/t) - Kez yesterday, 12:55AM

Marla vs Groyzo - scr yesterday, 12:01AM

The blood of giants flow through my veins! - scr yesterday, 11:51PM

OmG u TrOpHy ThAt?!?!?!?11111?!? u ShOuLd UninDucTED for CABAL POWE TROPHy WTF n/t - jalim yesterday, 02:03AM

Yeah, that time I laughed a lot. - scr yesterday, 02:15AM

Mage corpses should always be worthy - TJHuron yesterday, 04:37AM

Not really. - scr yesterday, 04:42AM

Yeah, I know how it works. I'm just saying I think a mage corpse should always be worthy - TJHuron yesterday, 05:55AM

Re: Not really. - Borkahd yesterday, 05:29AM

How many leaders did you have before you had a battle IMM? n/t - jalim yesterday, 11:31AM

You would uninduct for taking a mage trophy? (n/t) - TJHuron yesterday, 05:56AM

Please explain your point. - scr yesterday, 05:48AM

My last commander made such a trophy for practice, but then sacrificed it. - Quixotic ten hours ago

vs Juntio, Yikaro - scr yesterday, 09:23PM

Arsaiya vs Varric and Blades - BlkDrgn two days ago

The last one, typical defend - mharldarn two days ago

Sanc, Protection, Anthem, Out of range healing, Flee on 86%! - Jarmel yesterday, 02:17AM

His point is - Kstatida yesterday, 05:16AM

I miss your logs. Roll up something new and post as you go please. n/t - jalim yesterday, 02:04AM

And the last log to support our friend Ziryn! empire vs fort - mharldarn two days ago

Glik and continue of full loot wars with marans + some stupid questy shit. - mharldarn two days ago

Glik and full loot wars with marans - mharldarn two days ago

Any chance you got any super old logs of elite blade and war master glik vs the scarab perma? - Sam yesterday, 03:35PM

Glik+Agalkaer vs Jeunne+Aehwic (defend) - mharldarn two days ago

Glik vs Leorne+Sanka - mharldarn two days ago

Glik vs Knaor+some warrior - mharldarn two days ago

Some chaos vs Galg vs other guys. - mharldarn two days ago

Glik+Jhel+Agal vs Jheun+Aeh - mharldarn two days ago

Some Glik logs to support our friend Ziryn. Lets go 1 vs 3. - mharldarn two days ago

do you worry about carry weight at all? - mcbeth two days ago

In fact, it was the biggest problem as Glik - mharldarn two days ago

Thanks, lines up with my experience with drissa - mcbeth two days ago

Less preps, less weapons, worse armor - weight is sooo stupid on axe spec. n/t - mharldarn two days ago

I have been idly considering the axe/hand spec drow - mcbeth two days ago

Stuff like this makes me wish I were a noob again... - K-B yesterday, 07:17PM

Just fucking do it. Last year I made a char that didn't prep and I managed to land a few kills. "JUST DO IT" -shia labeouf (n/t) - Frosty yesterday, 07:27PM

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