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ikthye vs garfuka, february 2017 - The Forsaken(VIP) ten days ago

wtc merelith - The Forsaken(VIP) ten days ago

sing me a song mr horny man - The Forsaken(VIP) ten days ago

Question - Carrock nine days ago

Did he take Space? - zannon nine days ago

arpee - The Forsaken(VIP) nine days ago

Re: arpee - Carrock nine days ago

I wonder about something regarding 24 wis - zannon nine days ago

Possible explanation. - The_Joker six days ago

+1 for analysis - Carrock nine days ago

That’s a tough part about playing bards. Offhand and grapple - TJHuron nine days ago

It's a shame there are not no remove or no drop instruments - zannon nine days ago

Exactly, or at least make musician's caress more successful so it might be at least worth considering taking - TJHuron nine days ago

It works - Quas nine days ago

it fails but yes HPM disarm/offhand is the best imo. nt - The Forsaken(VIP) nine days ago

i'm soft - The Forsaken(VIP) ten days ago

get hard 2 - The Forsaken(VIP) ten days ago

Re: get hard 2 - Carrock nine days ago

no, it was suicidal - The Forsaken(VIP) nine days ago

MANGLES to mauls. dang son, you don't skip leg day. nt - The Forsaken(VIP) ten days ago

Live free or die erect - The Forsaken(VIP) ten days ago

Pretty standard bramblepit kill for Calion (40-something felar explore/plains) - LogFiend two weeks ago

Why do you not stand near the bramblepit - Kstatida two weeks ago

Re: Why do you not stand near the bramblepit - prodigalprodigy two weeks ago

Thanks. One point in its favor I see here is that the pit does not disappear when triggered. (n/t) - Calion two weeks ago

I believe this is incorrect - Spronti two weeks ago

This is correct. - prodigalprodigy two weeks ago

Snare - Kstatida two weeks ago

Good to know! n/t - prodigalprodigy two weeks ago

Last Gillador log. More speed flurry for Frosty - Quas three weeks ago

Gillador vs drillmaster - LogFiend four weeks ago

Speed Flurry is such a waste of EP =) (n/t) - PacMan four weeks ago

Playing without a cheating is such a waste. =| but, but, why did I get banned from hell? (n/t) - funnyone three weeks ago

I always wondered what deep throating a dick looked like in text form. Thank you. (n/t) - tesline three weeks ago

Nice segue! (n/t) - PacMan three weeks ago

Crashing a raid - LogFiend four weeks ago

This was my favorite part. - MiyagiYojimbo four weeks ago

Yeah. Triptrip, no wait! Dirtdirt, no wait! Murdermurder, no wait! Bashbash! (n/t) - Calion four weeks ago

The tale of Stotnor - LogFiend four weeks ago

Shit. Now it's a veteran carp... (n/t) - IrishMidnight four weeks ago

And here I was thinking killing carp was a new lowbie secret (n/t) - TJHuron four weeks ago

I guess you could actually say in some ways it is. ;) Well maybe not "secret" but "good idea" yeah for sure. (n/t) - Frosty four weeks ago

SUUUPPPEEERRR long list of assassinates - bloodmoon four weeks ago

I MIGHT have a few more logs....but it would require some searching, these are the fights that I managed to log that ended in kills. I probably have some where no one died. (n/t) - bloodmoon four weeks ago

Ghar wants payback - bloodmoon four weeks ago

Someone has the feign strength edge (n/t) - Quas four weeks ago

I never got the purpose of the edge - zannon four weeks ago

Aren't they bard only edges though? - Dalbrin three weeks ago

wooooo detrimental imm rewards (n/t) - Murphy three weeks ago

coming off super macho can be useful - Quas three weeks ago

Fine. Double-edged imm rewards, then. (n/t) - Murphy three weeks ago

vs Ghar - bloodmoon four weeks ago

You look rather bloody, perhaps you should rest first - bloodmoon four weeks ago

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