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Scion Defense - K-B last month

Olvidra vs. Krexoth - K-B two months ago

Olvidra vs. Nalaea/Erevylt - K-B two months ago

Kathsael vs Mistrin and Kobar - stlucian2debone three months ago

Care- Kathsael Startles easily! - stlucian2debone three months ago

What is this? - deathkitty three months ago

morius tat turning you gay n/t - jalim three months ago

Bramond vs. Kathsael - stlucian2debone three months ago

Kathsael Vs Vhrira - stlucian2debone three months ago

Kathsael vs Pvask and Vhrira - stlucian2debone three months ago

Kathsael vs Pvask - stlucian2debone three months ago

Olvidra vs. Outhyen - K-B three months ago

Olvidra vs. Durvynn/Vesestu - K-B three months ago

Re: Olvidra vs. Durvynn/Vesestu - Dalbrin three months ago

I'm still gone, GLWYN - Brujah four months ago

I agree. This one interaction from people that don't play anymore 7 years ago really reflects today's atmosphere. n/t - jalim four months ago

You aren't wrong, reflects it perfectly. All the nice helping people who gear you and talk to you IC - BlkDrgn four months ago

Stevers strikes again - LogFiend four months ago

Re: Stevers strikes again - TRIBUNAL three months ago

Lol - scr three months ago

Excuse me sire, - deathkitty four months ago

Tharlingon Time - mackle four months ago

Thanks for the logs! (n/t) - karnif four months ago

Sigil of Pain works without codex? Interesting. (n/t) - karnif four months ago

I suspect he had the codex. other sect powers don't work without sect leaders and show that same msg (n/t) - jhyrbian four months ago

Ah. Thanks for clarifying. (n/t) - karnif four months ago

Come with me Kelpie - mackle four months ago

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