Canticle for Liebowitz is the greatest post-apoc book.

November 06, 2007 01:58PM
But it only has a few muted fantasy elements. <br> <br>The Stand and The Dark Tower are Stephen King's best fantasy works, and both are post-apoc. <br> <br>Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun series isn't post-apoc but I'd say there are similarities. I love his writing, but some people complain that the series is too "literary." It certainly isn't an easy read. <br> <br>Black Company by Glen Cook is awesome if you like pulp fantasy. Not exactly post-apoc, but parts are comparable to living through a apocalypse. Very powerful and personal descriptions of outright destruction. <br> <br>The Nightside books have chapters which take place in a post-apocalyptic future. Also very pulpy; but where Black Company is gritty sword & sorcery, Nightside is surreal private-eye noir. <br> <br>I think the second Thomas Convenant trilogy might count as post-apoc. But reading it made me want to kill myself or the author. The first trilogy is good; or at least, you'll know if you like or hate it pretty quickly.
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Read 10 chapters of &quot;Sword of Shannara&quot;

Cerunnir 441 November 04, 2007 01:11AM

Stephen King's &quot;the dark tower&quot; series n/t

Bobby P. 293 November 04, 2007 02:09AM

Be prepared for Strangeness. And don't read past the Ending. nt

Yhorian 297 November 04, 2007 02:42AM

Finishing Wolves of the Calla right now. It's good stuff -nt-

Mek 463 November 05, 2007 09:25PM

Rachel Morgan series by Kim Harrison

ExPaladin 296 November 04, 2007 02:30AM

I wasn't impressed by that series either. nt

Nivek 288 November 04, 2007 03:46AM

My tip

Cenatar 312 November 04, 2007 05:01AM

Trust me. Assassin's Apprentice or George RR Martin n/t

Lokain 303 November 04, 2007 08:00AM

Honestly, the first trilogy...

Treebeard 309 November 04, 2007 10:32AM

And for a darker style of fantasy the Black Company series by Cook~

ExPaladin 288 November 04, 2007 10:35AM

Perdido Street Station.

The_Lord 335 November 04, 2007 01:24PM

I didn't like it. It was just too weird n/t

Lokain 342 November 04, 2007 02:33PM

You're in a very small minority.

The_Lord 317 November 04, 2007 05:23PM

I read the whole thing

Lokain 305 November 04, 2007 08:50PM

have you read the Richard Morgan cyberpunk book I mentioned? n/t

The_Lord 322 November 04, 2007 10:03PM

No, though it does sound interesting. n/t

Lokain 276 November 06, 2007 11:53AM

I heartily recommend anything by Terry Pratchett.

DurNominator 302 November 04, 2007 01:58PM

I would recommend Thief of Time to start with~

ExPaladin 305 November 04, 2007 04:00PM

I liked Guards! Guards! and Men At Arms the best. (nt)

Cointreau 289 November 05, 2007 05:46AM

Soul Music was my first but favourite is the 'Night watch'

Abernyte 275 November 07, 2007 05:37AM

Ive read nearly everything he has written. nt

Cerunnir 302 November 04, 2007 11:36PM

Ditto. nt

Yhorian 312 November 06, 2007 02:50AM

Re: Ditto. Ditto and hope to gte 'Miking Money' for Christmas~

Abernyte 324 November 07, 2007 05:36AM

I loved the Shannara series when I was younger.

Pro 296 November 05, 2007 06:23PM

Canticle for Liebowitz is the greatest post-apoc book.

Burr 328 November 06, 2007 01:58PM

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