You guys suck!

November 08, 2017 09:05AM
No one posts any fucking logs. What a bunch of pussies. Trying to protect your 'valuable' secret character info. God Forbid everyone knows you only have 900 hps. Most people can guess what your character specifics are anyways you fucking noobs. Get ur shit together And post some damn logs u fucking dickbags. U fucking noobs. U fucking degenerates.

The game is better with an active log board. It keeps people who are boarderline on whether they want to play or not engaged. It gives a decent idea of who is in power and who needs help. There are so many benefits to posting but you dickbags couldn't b bothered. It's fucking sad and all of u should be ashamed.

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You guys suck!

K-B 331 November 08, 2017 09:05AM

So, where are your logs?

Kstatida 123 November 08, 2017 10:23PM

Bae-B, stop being such a donkeypunch and post some logs yourself. ;) (n/t)

Frosty 105 November 08, 2017 02:48PM

I do post. And I'm not saying post all logs immediatly...

K-B 120 November 08, 2017 03:21PM

Everything is quiet.

Kez 106 November 08, 2017 01:12PM

To be fair...

BlkDrgn 112 November 08, 2017 12:36PM

It's just some light jabs dude. Why so serious? nt

K-B 52 November 08, 2017 12:43PM

My intent wasn't serious,

BlkDrgn 98 November 08, 2017 02:06PM

Agreed. Apparently the same thing happened to me.

K-B 80 November 08, 2017 02:26PM

Hey I'm back

Splntrd 132 November 08, 2017 10:36AM

Stop being a baby

K-B 113 November 08, 2017 10:51AM


Splntrd 123 November 08, 2017 11:49AM

First of all

K-B 151 November 08, 2017 11:57AM

I'm contributing to the vitriol?

Splntrd 119 November 08, 2017 12:00PM

Super mad. nt

K-B 47 November 08, 2017 12:09PM

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