You sir are a GIANT douche for sure

November 27, 2017 02:37AM
I've have now seen about what three or four logs of you full looting a character which you seem to mow through without an issue. Also its a character who has zero chance to kill you, I could see one full loot if he knocked you out and stole everything you had. Or if it was down to the wire and you thought there may be a chance he could kill you, but that's not the case with a thief against a decked fire giant ap. Your just being a fag and making the game no fun for him, and I hear making it no fun for others who you full loot as well. I mean you full looted a fortress healer I heard like three or four time? Come on dude if you play the game to be a dick face and make it no fun for others just stop playing. Your driving the player base down even lower by being a dick like that. What ever I guess its your character to play that way if you want. And a big thanks for dragging the player base down I guess, just know that if you ever die as many people as you have full looted don't bother coming back for you things. I think regardless who finds your corpse they will leave it empty now.
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Yeah, no cool.

LogFiend 339 November 26, 2017 06:34PM

More like the zero flurries of Anguish. Amiright? (n/t)

saagkri 62 November 27, 2017 07:36AM

You sir are a GIANT douche for sure

Raman 260 November 27, 2017 02:37AM


regreath 143 November 28, 2017 10:10AM

Agreed. Class design makes this good tactical play. Blame the design or STFU (n/t)

laearrist 68 November 28, 2017 11:22AM

It's Shaapa

Gulrom 257 November 27, 2017 02:52AM

Gulrom are you that current dwarf paladin Grumba? (since we are calling out peoples characters now) (n/t)

PacMan 116 November 27, 2017 03:43AM

Re: Gulrom are you that current dwarf paladin Grumba? (since we are calling out peoples characters now)

Gulrom 220 November 27, 2017 04:08AM

Well, for the sake of being fair, I have yet another log

Kstatida 221 November 27, 2017 02:44AM

Wow, you're a giant douche. (n/t)

Frosty 74 November 26, 2017 06:38PM

*Fire giant douche. (n/t)

Nurok 66 November 27, 2017 01:12AM

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