Just wanted to share a bit of positive immteraction!

December 20, 2017 01:45PM
***Don't think I've ever had bad immteraction that wasn't deserved on my part. (most) Always have respect for these guys.***
***Just relative stuff copy/pasted***
[TRIBUNAL] the Blood Tribunal executioner: The Blood Tribunal's vigilance grows stronger as
Bheru joins the watch.

 cb Greets smelly black man.
[TRIBUNAL] Hensel: Greets smelly black man.
[TRIBUNAL] Bheru: Greet
An Immortal tells you 'Careful with that.'
You tell an Immortal 'The black man thing?'
An Immortal tells you 'Yes.'
You tell an Immortal 'Oh, been doing it for a while now, but I can stop if it's not cool'
You tell an Immortal 'Since he's like a fire giant and stuff though'
An Immortal tells you 'I totally get it, but I'm sure you can see that others might not.'
You tell an Immortal 'K, I'll stop'
An Immortal tells you 'Thank you!'
[TRIBUNAL] Hensel: How smelly stupid man?
You feel a divine presence guide you to new found experiences!
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Just wanted to share a bit of positive immteraction!

LogFiend 359 December 20, 2017 01:45PM

I'm still raging. This immortal thinks it's worse to be black than it is to be stupid.

Matrik 205 December 20, 2017 05:39PM

Wait a minute..

scr 189 December 20, 2017 09:48PM

Burn them alive! (n/t)

Matrik 64 December 21, 2017 04:13AM

This board is for logs from the game Carrion Fields.

Stevers 242 December 20, 2017 03:41PM


Matrik 228 December 20, 2017 02:26PM

Re: Unreal.

demos 168 December 20, 2017 11:09PM

Shia Lebeouf plays CF confirmed.

MiyagiYojimbo 133 December 21, 2017 07:57AM

So you think it's mean to call someone black. Demos confirmed racist. (n/t)

Matrik 77 December 21, 2017 04:09AM

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