From Yesterday, not sure when

February 04, 2018 03:44PM
[ Elf IMM] (PK) Daphedee the Fugitive of Caina, Our Lady of Flaws
[51 Human Shf] (PK) Solreenian the Grand Master of Changelings, Bartender of the Eternal Star
[51 Elf Hea] (PK) Dharn the Affirmation of Life
[51 Human Con] (PK) Ekeiki the Planewalker
*99 Bunny Nja* (PK) [Ronin] Miyagi Yojimbo the Glimpse of Death
[51 W-Elf Bar] (PK) Ehlonyra n'Suielhir the Grand Mistress of Artistry, Bartender of the Eternal Star
[51 Dwarf Sha] (PK) Knaor the Holy of Faith
[51 Arial Hea] (PK) Zidiri the Exotic Drunken Bird-Priest, Bartender of the Eternal Star
[51 Storm Pal] (PK) Jeunne Rhovienieur the Uplifting Champion of Hope, Lucky Priest of the Little People
[33 Dwarf War] (PK) Thraum the Warrior of the Gauntlet
[51 Duerg Sha] (PK) Gemmurra DarkCrown the Heroine of Faith, Voice of the Scarab, Anathema to the Empire
[21 Elf Pal] (PK) Alenith the Templar
[24 Svirf War] (PK) Ansgarr the Knight
[40 Storm War] (PK) Nhorljan the Master of Weapons
[51 Felar War] (PK) Leorne the Legend of the Battlefield
[51 W-Elf Ran] (PK) Aiya Wanwahina the Author of Thera's Largest Cookbook, High Herald of the Eternal Star
[26 D-Elf Ran] (PK) Kyllothan the Hillrambler
[19 Storm Pal] (PK) Selaeth Stormborn the Pious
[16 Storm War] (PK) Drogun the Guardsman
[ 1 H-Elf Shf] (PK) Unimardyn the Apprentice of Magic
[29 Felar Ran] (PK) Urud the Dunestalker
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Who's got who?

LogFiend 283 February 04, 2018 01:37PM

About 7-8PM eastern

saagkri 176 February 04, 2018 06:28PM

From Yesterday, not sure when

MiyagiYojimbo 178 February 04, 2018 03:44PM

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