August 15, 2018 09:33PM
Maybe, just maybe, if you play the game instead of conspiracy, investigations and scouting/spying you be allright.

Yeah. People keep ooc connections while playing the game. Why? Because they can.
Some imms play immpowered chars. Why? Because they can.
Sime imms have friends and those friends play immpowered chars. Why? You know the answer.

Heroism and Truth means anything just when it changes anything. You destroyed your char because something was itching inside you.
Kadavarn was allright.
But you decided to fight with grinders.

Now tell me please.
After this flashy self-destruction what will changed? Nothing. Actually - one thing.. I just deleted my lowbie assasssin who joined Empire. And never will attempt to join this cabal again.

You play a game that has certain rules like * ROLEPLAYING is required. etc
What is not written in those rules but exists.

In real life Immortals are the same humans as all we are. They have strengths, weaknesses, friends and enemies. Sometimes they are in good mood, sometimes in bad. They can be ill or healthy. They have priorities and MUD not the first. They have priorities and your email even more not the first. They will immcheat. They will immpower self and friends.
Because they only human after all (c)

You accept all this rules. If not - you punished. Even more. If not - you punish yourself.
Subject Author Views Posted

A kill on Drissa and the Dhuzir conspiracy

LogFiend 299 August 15, 2018 04:16PM

An okay log. But I can only boggle at the level of delusional conspiracy theories you are able to cook up. (n/t)

Calion 16 August 16, 2018 11:14AM

I think there's enough there to be somewhat suspicious. Having chars which are friends and enemies of both of the participants, I'll just throw in my less than two cents and say that I'm suspicious too. (n/t)

Returner 23 August 16, 2018 06:49AM

I'm suspicious of everyone who fucks me up.

Kstatida 85 August 16, 2018 06:55AM

the obvious answer is 'who cares!'

The Forsaken(VIP) 96 August 16, 2018 05:46AM

Congrats on the kill.

Kstatida 103 August 15, 2018 10:01PM


ekvilibr 101 August 15, 2018 09:33PM

I liked PK action, thumbs up. On the other hand..

scr 113 August 15, 2018 08:25PM

He's not lame

Kstatida 93 August 15, 2018 10:02PM

Why my chars aren't still pbfed? Spent all your money while WC'18? (n/t)

scr 19 August 15, 2018 10:15PM

You refused my invitation to banya

Kstatida 71 August 15, 2018 10:21PM

I've got justification - I was drunk!

scr 74 August 15, 2018 11:10PM

Umm, I'm not seeing it

daurwyn 111 August 15, 2018 08:16PM

lol, literally nothing in your post supports your conspiracy theory

patrisaurus 110 August 15, 2018 05:52PM

Cheers! :)

Frosty 79 August 15, 2018 06:08PM

Yeesh drop it

Quas 108 August 15, 2018 05:09PM

Dude, you can't put cheers at the end of that. (n/t)

Frosty 21 August 15, 2018 05:03PM

Nice peekay.

Rhyaldrin 105 August 15, 2018 05:00PM

Did you watch Crowder go into that juice shop, or when he contronted carbomb lady? That dude cracks me up. (n/t)

Frosty 16 August 15, 2018 05:05PM

I did. Crowder is great. My favorite is still when he and Jared went to the commie rally in drag. (n/t)

Rhyaldrin 18 August 15, 2018 05:12PM

Oh snap, that sounds good! I haven't seen that one yet. (n/t)

Frosty 20 August 15, 2018 05:38PM

Actually I was confused. He wasn't in drag.

Rhyaldrin 54 August 15, 2018 06:24PM

So last log was borderline character assassination. This one is 100% trying to accuse two characters of cheating using your IC handle. This has to be against the rules (n/t)

tesline 29 August 15, 2018 04:50PM

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